FAQ - Graduating

 What requirements are necessary to graduate?

Graduation requirements are listed below:

  • 120 units minimum required for the BA/BS degree
  • General Education (48 units)
  • Major (units vary – widely!)
  • College Composition II requirement (English 20 minimum "C-" grade required)
  • Foreign Language requirement (minimum "C-" grade required)
  • Race and Ethnicity in American Society requirement
  • Writing Placement for Juniors or ENGL 109M or ENGL 109W (minimum "C-" grade required)
  • Writing Intensive course (minimum "C-" grade required)
  • Upper division unit requirement (40 units)
  • Residence requirement (30 units)

How can I satisfy my Foreign Language Proficiency (FLP)?

There are multiple options:

I. High School

a) Completion of the third year/level and passing the final semester with a C- or better.
b) Scoring a 3 or higher on an AP exam.
c) Completing a total of four years (two years of one FL and two years of a different FL) both with a grade of C- or higher in the final semester.
d) Graduated from a high school where English was not the language of instruction.

II. College

a) Completing the second semester level with a C- or better.
b) Testing out at the foreign language department (Mariposa Hall Room 2051, 278-6333).
c) Major Exemption (Please ask your major advisor if your major is exempt from the FLP)

*Any further questions about the FLP can be answered at the above stated location.

What is the WPJ? (Formerly known as the WPE)

The WPJ is the “Writing Placement for Juniors” exam.  It is a graduation requirement and a pre-requisite for the Writing Intensive course.  English 109M or W can be taken in lieu of the exam.  To find out more information about this requirement please visit the Testing Center at: https://www.csus.edu/testing/testing-services/index.html#wpj

How do I apply to graduate?

Refer to Graduation Filing Dates at www.csus.edu/registrar/graduation for information on filing the graduation application. To apply online, see the list of approved majors at:https://www.csus.edu/registrar/Graduation/graduate_online.html

How do I graduate with honors?

The following recognition is on the diploma of students who have completed at least 30 graded units at Sacramento State and fall in these GPA ranges, based on courses taken at Sacramento State:

  • 3.50 - 3.74 Cum Laude
  • 3.75 - 3.89 Magna Cum Laude
  • 3.90 - 4.00 Summa Cum Laude

What if I need help applying to graduate?

The instructions are available online at https://www.csus.edu/registrar/Graduation/index.htmlHere’s where to go for more help:

  • Questions about the major - see a major department advisor.
  • Questions regarding GE or graduation requirements - see the Academic Advising and Career Center, Lassen Hall 1013.

If I miss the deadline, can I still graduate?

Any student may participate in the commencement ceremony. A student does not officially graduate until all requirements have been successfully completed.

What if I don’t complete all my requirements as planned?

Any changes to the major graduation application must be processed through the Degree Evaluations Office. If coursework cannot be completed by the semester of graduation, the student should submit a request to change their date of graduation and pay the appropriate fee. Forms are available online athttps://www.csus.edu/registrar/forms.

I have one more course to take – can I still graduate?

Students often confuse graduating with the commencement ceremony. Any student may participate in commencement, however, a student does not actually graduate until all requirements are complete.

When do I get my diploma?

Diplomas are usually mailed two months after graduation.