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Student Grade Appeals

DEADLINE for Appealing Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 Grades is: 5 p.m. on Friday, September 20, 2024 - applications must be submitted to Academic Affairs, Sacramento Hall, Room 230, or emailed to

Steps to start the grade appeal process:

  • Students should first attempt to resolve the grade dispute with the professor before or during the first two weeks of classes the semester following the completion of their course (for example, if the course you are appealing was completed in Spring 2024, you will attempt to resolve the dispute before or within the first two weeks of Fall 2024 semester). Note: You must contact the professor during this time period, even if you discussed your concerns about the grade with them in while enrolled in the course.
  • If that does not resolve the matter, students should immediately speak with the Department Chair (on or before the Monday of the 3rd week of classes).
  • If the Department Chair is unable to resolve the dispute by the Friday of the 3rd week of classes, the student is eligible to file a formal grade appeal with Academic Affairs.
  • Canvas closes prior to the start of the following semester. Please print off all documents necessary for the appeal (grades, graded assignments, syllabus, email communications, etc.). Please contact the Grade Appeal Coordinator immediately if you need access to Canvas and it has already closed.

Important Dates for Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 Grade Appeals:

  • Friday, September 6, 2024 - Last date to contact faculty member about the concerns with the final grade in the course.
  • Monday, September 9, 2024 - Last date to notify the Department Chair of the grade dispute and the wish to pursue a grade appeal.
  • Friday, September 13, 2024 - Date when the Department Chair finishes the attempt at a resolution. If no resolution, the Chair should then sign the grade appeal form and the student prepares all appeal documents.
  • Friday, September 20, 2024 - Deadline for student to submit the grade appeal documents (form, checklist, syllabus, statement, and supporting evidence) to Academic Affairs (Sacramento Hall, room 230 or email appeal to

Filing A Formal Appeal

  1. Read through the Grade Appeal Policy, which explains the criteria and procedures for filing an appeal.
  2. Make sure your reason for appealing the grade meets one of the 4 grounds for an appeal listed in the Grade Appeal Policy. If your reason for appealing does not meet one of those grounds, then you are not eligible to appeal a grade.
  3. Fill out the Grade Appeal Form located here and at the back of the Grade Appeal Policy, and get the Department Chair's signature. - PLEASE NOTE: The Chair's signature can be a signature, e-signature, or another method that confirms they are signing the Grade Appeal form. Appeals cannot be accepted without the Department Chair's signature.
  4. Prepare your Grade Appeal Submission. Go through the Checklist at the back of the Grade Appeal Policy to make sure you have met all the criteria and have all the required documents.
  5. Turn in the Grade Appeal Form (with signatures), the completed checklist (with your signature), your narrative statement, syllabus, and supporting documentation to the Office of Academic Affairs (Sacramento Hall, Room 230) or by email to, before 5 pm on the Friday of the 4th week of classes.
  6. Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to meet with the Grade Appeal Coordinator, Dr. Emily Wickelgren, to go over the appeal so they can best know how to prepare the materials. Dr. Wickelgren can be contacted via email.

Your submission must include the following:

  • The Grade Appeal Form
  • The completed Grade Appeal Checklist
  • The syllabus for the course
  • Your written submission (narrative) explaining your position (make it clear how the grade was assigned arbitrarily, capriciously, in violations of the System wide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking, and/or in violation of one or more university policies.) Reference any supporting documents provided.

Supporting documentation should be included, if possible, to support the claim made in the narrative. Examples of supporting documentation are:

  • Any record of communications with the professor (e.g. copies of emails, etc.)
  • Statements from other students or faculty who were witnesses
  • Copies of assignments, papers, exams, etc. that are relevant to the appeal
  • Any other documentation that supports the claims made in the statement.

Important Information about the Grade Appeal Process

Please read through the Grade Appeal Policy so you fully understand the process. The information here is not meant to replace reading through the policy.

  • The entire grade appeal process can take the entire semester to complete.
  • Graduating Seniors: If this is the last class you need to graduate, you will need to decide if you wish to wait the semester for the decision on your appeal. If you lose the appeal, you would need to retake the class in the following semester (and be a year behind in graduation). Most students opt to retake the class in the semester that your appeal is being conducted as a backup in case the appeal is dismissed. If you win your appeal, you can withdraw from the enrolled class, however, the Registrar's Office does not offer a refund on the tuition for the class.

  • Your appeal will be assigned to a Grade Appeal Panel of faculty and students.

  • That panel will NOT have faculty from the same department as the course being appealed.
  • The professor and department chair will be provided with a copy of your appeal submission.
  • The grade appeal panel will make an initial decision on whether to dismiss your appeal or move it forward and ask the professor for a statement. That initial decision is based entirely on your written submission, so make sure you are clear on your reasons and have documentation that supports your claim. You will NOT have an in-person “hearing” with the panel to further explain things. Your entire explanation and documentation should be included in your appeal, with nothing left out. Present your entire case as your original submission.
  • If the panel feels your claim should move forward in the process, they will ask the faculty member for a statement. You will be provided with that statement and allowed to make a rebuttal statement.
  • The professor’s statement and your rebuttal will then be reviewed by the Grade Appeal Panel and they will make a final decision about the grade.
  • If your appeal is dismissed at any point, then the process is over.
  • If your appeal is approved, then the professor will be asked to propose a new grade. The Grade Appeal Panel will review the new proposed grade and must approve it before it goes into effect.
  • If you feel that the Grade Appeal Policy process was not followed properly, then at the end of the appeal you can file a procedural appeal. This is an appeal based on a violation of the process. There is no appeal for disagreeing with the decision of the grade appeal panel.
  • If you are checking the third box on the Grade Appeal Form that indicates you believe your grade was the result of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation (DHR) as defined under Title IX, please note that the Grade Appeal panel cannot evaluate that claim without it having been first investigated by the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). Any claims relating to DHR under Title IX are under their jurisdiction (according to EO 1097) and they are the only office on campus that can evaluate that claim. If they open a case the Grade Appeal process will be paused until their investigation is complete. You should still submit your Grade Appeal before the deadline, even if you have not yet filed with OEO or if they have not yet finished their investigation. If they determine that a DHR violation occurred, a report will be provided to the Grade Appeal Manager which will be attached to your Grade Appeal. The Grade Appeal Panel cannot evaluate a claim of a grading violation related to a DHR claim without a report from OEO. Any DHR claims that do not have an attached report from that office will be dismissed by the Grade Appeal Panel. If you believe that your grade was assigned due to retaliation or harassment NOT based on a protected status as defined in Title IX, you should consider including that instead as a claim of arbitrary and/or capricious grading. To file a claim with the Office of Equal Opportunity, please email and they will let you know how to submit a claim.

If you have any questions about the Grade Appeal Process, please contact the Grade Appeal Coordinator, Dr. Emily Wickelgren.

Grade Appeal Coordinator


Emily A. Wickelgren, Ph.D.
Sacramento Hall, Room 234
(916) 278-6331

Office Hours

  • Phone, Zoom, and In-person appointments are available, so please call to set up a time.
The Grade Appeal Coordinator can also be seen by appointment.