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California State University, Sacramento

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Faculty Senate

California State University, Sacramento

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Elections are conducted each spring for Officers of the Faculty Senate, unit and temporary faculty representatives to the Faculty Senate, Judicial Review Board members, and Academic Senators to the CSU Academic Senate.

Judicial Review Board Members

The Judicial Review Board is a sub-unit of the faculty, constituted to decide disptues relating tothe interpretatin of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Califorinia State University, Sacramento Faculty Senate. Rulings made by the Judicial Review Board shall be final and binding, unless (under the rules provided) appealed to and reversed by the facutly.  The Board is composed of nine members elected at-large.

Representatives to the CSU Academic Senate

Three faculty represent Sacramento State on the California State University Academic Senate.  Term of appointment is three-years.

Officers of the Faculty Senate

The Chair and Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate and the members of the Execuitve Commitee are elected by the voting representatives of the Faculty Senate.  The term of office is one year and will begin on the last day of the spring semester in which elected and will end at noon n the last day of the spring semester of the following year. 


Senators and Alternates of the Faculty Senate

Unit Senators/Alternates: Each unit is entilted to one faculty representaitve.  Electing units having twenty-four or more probationary, tenured and full-time temporary facutly appointments (including faculty participating in FERP or on leave/reduced load, excluding faculty holding administrative appointments) are entitled to one additional representative.  Each electing unit is responsible for its own election.  The call for election is distributed by Faculty Senate Office. Term of office is two years.

Temporary Faculty Senators/Alternates:  The Temporary Faculty are entitled to four representaives to be elected at-large by the temporary faculty for those faculty who are teaching six or more units during the semester in which the election is conducted. The call for election is distributed by the Faculty Senate Office.  Term of office is two years.