2018/2019 Course and Program Change Proposals

Welcome to the Academic Affairs Course Change and Program Change Proposal listing.  Follow the links to view the current and past lists of Course Change and Program Change Proposals.  Substantive Program Change Proposals approved by the Curriculum Sub-Committee are forwarded to the Faculty Senate and President for final approval.


Please see the Approval Process page for proposal forms, checklists, and more information on the course and program approval process.

To improve timeliness of committee approval, program and department heads should attend committee meetings to answer questions/concerns of the committee members.  Emailing the chair prior to the meeting to verify which programs are being discussed that day is welcomed.

The Curriculum Subcommittee meeting will be on May 14, 2019 at 1:30 pm in the Green and Gold Room to review List #8 of the Course and Program Change Proposals.  Please send responses to curriculum@csus.edu by noon on May 14. Note: Proposals received by Academic Services after the April 26, 2019 deadline will be rolled back to the author for resubmission to Curriculum Workflow in Fall 2019.

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