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Academic Yearly (AY) - The fall and spring semesters.

AAC/EOP - Academic Achievement Center/Educational Opportunity Program

ACE – Accelerated College Entrance – High school students who are taking college-level courses prior to graduation from high school.

ALS – Abbreviation for the College of Arts and Letters

ASI – Associated Students, Incorporated

ATCS – Academic Technology and Creative Services

AVP - Associate Vice President.

BUS or CBA – Abbreviations for the College of Business Administration

CAMP – College Assistance Migrant Program – A federally funded program to support the recruitment and first year experience for students of seasonal or migrant farm workers.

CCE – College of Continuing Education .

Census Date – The official date at which enrollment is reported to the CSU system for each semester. For fall and spring semesters, it is the 20th day of instruction. Official drops after Census date result in a “W” grade for students. Adds after Census, if approved, are not included in the reported enrollment.

CFA – California Faculty Association – the exclusive bargaining agent for faculty.

College Yearly (CY) – The summer, fall and spring semesters. Summer is the “leading term” of the college year.

CMS – Common Management System. A system wide suite of administrative software to manage human resources, financial and student information systems in the CSU. The software is provided by Oracle/PeopleSoft and tailored to the specific needs of the CSU.

CPR – Capital Public Radio – local FM radio station licensed by Sacramento State. Operates with call letters KXPR, KXJZ, KXSR and KKTO.

CTL – Center for Teaching and Learning

ECS – Abbreviation for the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

ED – Abbreviation for the College of Education.

EH&S – Environmental Health and Safety program.

EMPLID – Employee Identification Number – A unique, randomly assigned, nine-digit number used as the primary identifier in the Common Management System (CMS). Each employee is assigned an EMPLID. When the student administration module is implemented, each student will be assigned a unique EMPLID, which will replace the Social Security Number as the primary identifier.

FERP – Faculty Early Retirement Program. A provision of the current faculty bargaining agreement, which allows faculty to retire but continue a half-time assignment for up to five years after their official retirement date.

FTE - Full-time equivalent. A term used to define the number of full-time equivalent staff employees. For example, if the clerical staff of a department includes one full-time secretary and another who works only 10 months a year, then the size of its clerical staff is 1 + 10/12 = 1.83 FTE.

FTEF - Full-time equivalent faculty. Similar to FTE for staff, except that each full-time (workload of 15 weighted teaching units) permanent faculty member is defined as 1.0 FTEF, even though he/she teaches only nine months a year. The FTEF for a part-time faculty member is defined as workload divided by 15. For example, a part-time faculty member teaching two three-unit classes is counted as 6/15 = 0.4 FTEF.

FTES - Full-time equivalent students. A full-time student is defined as a student whose class schedule totals 15 units in a given term. FTES for a student whose schedule does not total 15 units is defined as total units divided by 15. For example, three students whose schedules contain 6, 12 and 18 units are counted as (6 + 12 + 18)/15 = 2.4 FTES. AY FTES is the academic year FTES and is the sum of the fall and spring semester FTES divided by two (i.e., the average of the two semesters). CY FTES is the college year FTES and is the sum of the summer, fall and spring term FTES divided by two.

GE - General Education.

Golden 4 – Four specific lower division General Education courses that all upper division transfer students must complete to be admitted to the University. Includes Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning (math). All four courses must be completed with at least a “C-“ grade.

Headcount – The actual number of students enrolled.

HHS – Abbreviation for the College of Health and Human Services .

Hornet Express – The campus shuttle service that serves three off-campus routes and one on-campus loop. Service is available fee of charge to all current students, faculty and staff.

HR – Human Resources office

IGETC – Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum. A common core of GE requirements that community college students can take to meet all lower division GE requirements for either the CSU or UC system.

IRT - Information Resources and Technology.

KSSU – The student run AM radio station – 1580 on the AM dial.

LDTP - Lower Division Transfer Pattern - For a particular major and CSU campus means the systemwide lower-division transfer patterns for that major and the corresponding campus-specific lower-division transfer patterns that best parepare students to complete a baccalaureate degree in a specified major.

NRT - Non-resident tuition. This tuition is charged on a per-unit basis to all students who are not legal residents of the State of California . It is charged in addition to the State University Fee and the miscellaneous campus fees that all students pay.

NSM – Abbreviation for the College of Natural Science and Mathematics.

OGE – Office of Global Education.

OGS – Office of Graduate Studies.

OneCard – The ID card for students, faculty and staff. 

Program centers - The 19 officially recognized administrative units at CSUS. The university budget is allocated by program center.

PTF – Personnel Transaction Form – The form used to hire an employee, change the employee's status (e.g., promotion, time-base). Form is submitted online via CMS (Common Management System).

SCU – Student Credit Units. The sum of all the units taken by all students. SCU divided by 15 equals FTES.

SEPTF - Student Employee Personnel Transaction Form - the form used to hire a student employee.

SFR - Student-faculty ratio. This quantity is defined as the ratio of full-time equivalent students (FTES) to full-time equivalent faculty (FTEF). For example, if a department employs 10.4 FTEF and teaches classes with a total enrollment of 212 FTES, then the departmental SFR is 212/10.4 = 20.4.

SPC - Strategic Planning Council

SSIS – Abbreviation for the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

SSWD – Services to Students with Disabilities.

State Hornet – The student newspaper published every Wednesday during the academic year.

SUG - State University Grants. A form of financial aid (funded with a portion of the State University Fees paid by all students) that is used to pay the State University Fee for those students who have sufficient financial need.

UEI - University Enterprises, Inc. A non-profit organization that manages the auxiliary services of the University (e.g., bookstore, food service, residence hall dining services)

UTAPS - University Transportation and Parking Services.

WPJ - Writing Proficiency for Juniors

WTU – Weighted Teaching Units - A measure of faculty workload. For example, a lecture class that meets three hours per week generates 3 WTU.