Duplicate Graduate Degrees Policy

Duplicate graduate degrees are not permitted. A duplicate degree is another degree that includes the same or similar curricula, whether or not the name of the degrees/programs are an exact match. If a prospective student is denied admission to a program because it appears to duplicate a previously-earned graduate degree, the Graduate Coordinator/Director may carefully review the applicant materials to determine whether a difference in degrees/programs actually exists. If the degrees/programs are in fact different, the Graduate Coordinator/Director or Department Chair may request approval for application consideration by the Division of Academic Affairs Dean of Graduate Studies. The department must demonstrate that the second degree field of study and program are clearly different in quality, curriculum, or accreditation requirements from that of the original degree, and that there is a professional or scholarly purpose that requires this second degree. If the student is admitted to the University, units earned for the first degree cannot be used toward the second degree.

FS 15/16-96 Approved by the Faculty Senate, March 10, 2016
Accepted by the President, March 28, 2016