Graduate and Credential Students Course Repeat Policy

  1. In programs that allow course repeats and consistent with the program's  own internal policies governing when such course repeats may be allowed, graduate and credential students may file, at the program level, a petition to repeat a course only if they earned grades lower than a B (B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, WU, NC).  A petition to repeat a course must be completed, submitted and approved prior to enrolling in that course.
  2. Course Repeats with "Grade Forgiveness" (Grade Forgiveness is the circumstance in which the new grade replaces the former grade in terms of the calculation of GPA, etc.):
    1. If a graduate or credential program allows a course to be taken a second time, the first grade shall be forgiven.
    2. Grade forgiveness shall not be applicable to a course for which the original grade was the result of a finding of academic dishonesty.
  1. Course Repeats with "Grades Averaged":
    1. If a student is granted permission to repeat a course for the second time (i.e. 3rd total attempt), the first repeat (second attempt) and all additional attempts shall be averaged when calculating the student's overall grade-point average.*
    2. (Note: This policy does not count attempted coursework forgiven under the academic renewal process.)
  2. Departments and Colleges may not have a repeat policy that is less stringent than the campus policy. (Note: restrictions on repeats for enrolled and classified graduate and certificate students within specific programs, represent substantive program changes and not exceptions to the repeat policy.)
  3. * The default sequence for applying forgiven and averaged grades is to forgive grades for repeated courses that are eligible (that have not already been repeated once).

Note: Post-Baccalaureate students may not take courses to replace or improve the grade point average at the undergraduate level.