Second Bachelor’s Degree Academic Action Categories

Good Standing

Second bachelor’s degree students whose Sacramento State and cumulative grade point average (GPA) is 2.5 or above are considered to be in good academic standing.

Academic Probation

Students whose cumulative Sacramento State grade point average or overall grade point average falls below 2.5 will be placed on academic probation. Students on probation are eligible to enroll in the subsequent semester.

Continued Probation

Students on probation will be placed on Continued Probation if they:
• earn a 2.5 in the current semester, but have a Sacramento State GPA or overall GPA below 2.5.

Students placed on Continued Probation will be limited to a maximum course load of 14 units per semester until they return to academic good standing.

Academic Disqualification

If a student is on academic probation and the Sacramento State or cumulative grade point average is below 2.5, the student will be academically disqualified.
Disqualified students will not be allowed to register unless they are formally reinstated and/or readmitted to the University.

Administrative Probation and Administrative Disqualification

Second bachelor’s students are subject to Administrative Probation for the following reasons:
1. Withdrawal from all or a substantial portion of their courses in two successive terms or in any three terms.
2. Repeated failure to progress toward a degree or other program objective, when such failure is due to circumstances within the control of the student.
3. Failure to comply, after due notice, with an academic requirement or regulation.

Students who do not meet the conditions for removal of administrative probation may be subject to further administrative actions, including Administrative Disqualification.


Office of the University Registrar, Lassen Hall Lobby
(916) 278-7111

Students will be notified of their academic status (academic probation, continued probation, academic disqualification or academic dismissal) by letter, and/or My Sac State message and/or email at the end of each semester. Students on Probation or Continued Probation are required to meet with an advisor in their major department. Departments may block
registration of students who fail to meet advising appointments. Students receiving veterans’ educational benefits may be ruled ineligible for continued benefits if, after one semester of unsatisfactory achievement (probation or disqualification), they do not return to academic Good Standing at the completion of the next semester.

Reinstatement of Disqualified Students

Students who have been academically disqualified may petition for reinstatement. The Petition for Reinstatement is obtained from the Office of the University Registrar. If reinstated, students will be placed on an academic contract that may stipulate maximum units, specific courses and achievement levels. Failure to meet the conditions of the reinstatement contract and/or failure to achieve a subsequent semester GPA of 2.5 or higher will result in academic dismissal.

Deadlines to petition for immediate reinstatement are as follows:
Spring Semester: Third week of January
Fall Semester: End of June
NOTE: Please check the Reinstatement Petition for specific dates.

Students whose petitions are approved are subject to review each semester until the Sacramento State GPA and overall cumulative GPA reach the minimum standard of 2.5.