Includes Hawai'i, Alaska and the other U.S. territories

Domestic TEJs no longer require Provost approval,

unless the travel is for the Dean of a college

Domestic Travel Justification

Please see the travel coordinator for your college to determine what documentation is needed for approval

Release of Liability Waiver – for Students ONLY (Scroll to "Release of Liability Waiver, Field Trip Student.pdf")

International Travel Justifications must be submitted to the traveler’s unit manager(s) NO LATER THAN 45 CALENDAR DAYS PRIOR to the anticipated departure date and received in the President’s office NO LATER THAN 30 CALENDAR DAYS before the anticipated departure date. 

The trip cannot commence, whether funded or unfunded, without presidential approval.  Please only send us fully completed forms, with the appropriate approval notation, supporting documents, and in sufficient time to reach the President’s desk. 

We understand that in rare circumstances invitations may be received late or notification of an award or acceptance of a paper may be received in less than 30 days.  In those circumstances, you are welcome to submit evidence supporting the reason for a late (i.e., less than 30 days) request.

For additional information, please visit Administration & Business Affairs' (ABA) Travel Policy and Travel Procedures.

Failure to comply may result in unauthorized travel and our inability to reimburse expenses.

Required documents for Faculty:
International Travel Justification (Scroll to "Travel Expense Justification - International.pdf")
Justification and supporting documentation (this includes but is not limited to: conference program, letter of acceptance, letter of invitation, abstract, research project outline, etc.)
Attach a breakdown of estimated travel expenses (including but not limited to: airfare, hotel, registration, meals, transportation, etc.). Total of estimated expenses should equal the total cost of travel listed on ITEJ. Please ensure that you specify funding source(s) on ITEJ.
Supplemental Travel Request - Faculty (for High Hazardous areas)
Required documents for students
traveling with Faculty:
International Travel Justification (Scroll to "Travel Expense Justification - International.pdf")
Release of Liability Waiver (Scroll to "Release of Liability Waiver, Field Trip Student.pdf")
Supplemental Travel Request - Students
Supporting documentation, if necessary
If Travel Dates Change
Email Carrie Arnett in Academic Affairs Memo listing the change of dates, reason, and class arrangement (if needed)

CC your Chair and Dean to ensure they are aware of any changes