On-Campus Program (Sac State-based Courses)

Students interested in the ACE Program should:
  • Be a high school student in 11th or 12th grade.
  • Attend high school and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Have a score of 550 in either the Math or Critical Reading section of the SAT OR a combined score of 1100 for these two areas (or equivalent tests).
  • Be able to document excellence in a rapid learning environment such as Academic Talent Search or an AP, IB, or Honor's high school course.
  • Have the permission of parents/guardians to begin university work.
  • Have the permission of a high school professional (principal, counselor, teacher, etc.) to begin university work.
  • Be interviewed and recommended by the ACE Director.
Frequently Asked Questions

ACE FAQ  - Download of frequently asked questions regarding ACE PDF document

Other Tests Required for Entrance

ACE students may be required to complete additional diagnostics depending on the classes they seek. For example, Math[pdf] students are accepted based on a diagnostic exam conducted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics that must be completed prior to enrollment in these classes. More information can be found at the departmental site at <www.csus.edu/math/courses/diagnostic.htm>.

All prospective ACE students are responsible for satisfying any testing requirements for their program of study. Students should be aware of various testing requirements and deadlines, most of which are listed in the schedule of classes.

Maintaining High School Enrollment

ACE students usually take university courses in addition to their regular high school classes. Some students make special arrangements at their high school for a reduced load. ACE students are responsible for meeting all high school requirements and remaining in good standing with their high school.

Continuing in ACE

Continuation in ACE depends on student achievement plus parental/guardian and high school permission. Students may continue in ACE if they maintain a "B" average or better both at Sacramento State and in high school. Upon graduation from high school, ACE students must apply and be admitted to Sacramento State in order to continue taking courses at the University.