Decisions about classes rest with the ACE Director in consultation with the student and the academic departments. ACE participants are restricted to lower-division classes (001 to 098). Upper division courses are not permitted by system policy. Students must meet all prerequisites listed in the Class Schedule and University Catalog. Selected courses must be academic and can't be remedial.

All Mathematic courses require (by the campus census date) the submitted ACE Add/Drop Form [pdf] with the signatures of the respective instructor and department Chair. The ACE Program cannot approve any on-campus Math course enrollments without this signed form.

Typically, a student is limited to one academic class the first semester. The second semester's course load will depend on past performance. In some program areas, such as music, students are required to take three or more related classes as a condition of admission. To make sure students have the best opportunity for success, workloads are carefully monitored throughout the semester.

ACE Seminar

All ACE students are enrolled in an online two- or three-unit seminar every semester. The purpose of this class is to bring together all ACE participants with the Director to discuss the students' experiences at the University. This seminar allows them to compare and share information and problem solving techniques with one another. Additionally, several basic study strategies (online searching, library tools) are investigated. Furthermore, this course allows students to take a look at general financial aid opportunities offered when enrolled as a full-time student at Sac State or another college. The seminar provides an opportunity for students to have questions or concerns addressed by the Director.