Temporary Faculty Three-Year Appointment Eligibility

The Unit 3-Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) provides for three-year appointments for temporary faculty (also referred to as “lecturers”) who meet the eligibility requirements listed below. 

What is a three-year appointment?

After teaching one semester in each of six consecutive years in a department, lecturers (excluding coaches) are eligible to receive three-year appointments equal to the total units taught in that sixth (6th) academic year.  All other provisions of the CBA, including time base issues and conditional appointments for part-time faculty, will continue to apply to the three-year temporary appointments.

In subsequent three-year appointments, entitlements are determined by the lecturer’s time base during the final year of the previous appointment.


The eligibility criteria per Article 12.12 of the Unit 3 – Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement are as follows:

       All temporary faculty (full- and part-time), excluding coaches
       Six (6) or more years of continuous service. Employed at least one full semester each academic year 
          qualifies as a year of service.
       All service in the same department on the same campus.

Initial and subsequent three-year appointments are issued to eligible lecturers who have received a satisfactory evaluation and have no documented serious conduct problems.

Listing of Eligible Temporary Faculty for an Initial Three-Year Appointment Effective 2019-20

Process and Application

The Office of Faculty Advancement (OFA) works collaboratively with each department to prepare a list of temporary faculty who are considered eligible for an initial three-year appointment.  The list will be posted in each department office and on this webpage.  During this 30-day period, it will be the responsibility of each temporary faculty member to review the list and notify the department chair if their name was omitted from the list but they believe they are eligible for a three-year appointment. 


February 15 – List developed with OFA and departments.
March 1 – List posted in Departments and on OFA website.
March 31 – Deadline for faculty not on list to notify the department of their eligibility.