Checklist and Samples

The following documents are required from the Department/College to process faculty additional employment:

  • ONE PTF with appointing and terminating dates
  • Supporting documentation (Scope of Work*) to include:
    1. Description of Duties
    2. Project Timeframe
    3. Project Compensation Amount and explanation (flat rate, daily rate, one month of salary, etc.)
    4. Frequency of Compensation (equal monthly payments, one-time payment at time of deliverables, one-time payment at end of semester, multiple payments at various intervals, etc.)
    5. Confirmation of completion of project or deliverables, if applicable – attach email or letter from supervisor of additional employment
  • Calculation sheet

*examples of a sufficient scope of work can include, as appropriate, appointment letter, notification of scholarship/award, detailed agreement between incumbent and supervisor, etc.

Complete packets should be routed through the department, dean, and then to the Office of Faculty Advancement for review and approval by the Provost’s Office. Upon approval, the Office of Faculty Advancement will process and forward to Payroll Department for payment. 


  • Check payroll calendar for pay periods (for example, August 1, 2017 is part of July pay period).
  • Use the correct calculator (2403, or 2359/2361).
  • Is the faculty member on FERP or sabbatical? If so, consult the Office of Faculty Advancement.
  • Use a time base of .25 or less for work done during the academic year.
  • Look up most recent compensation rate (in case of GSIs, SSIs, promotion, range elevation, etc.) if pay is based on academic year salary.
  • In case of audit, ensure that supporting documentation provides a comprehensive justification of the additional employment.



For faculty whose primary appointment is full-time (1.0 time base)
Job Code 2403

Additional employment during periods outside the academic year (winter or summer breaks) may use up to full-time (1.0) time base for the additional employment.

  • Tom Sawyer - partial month additional appointment to receive a lump sum payment at the end of work with deliverables.
  • Huckleberry Finn – full month additional appointment to receive a lump sum payment at the end of the work with deliverables.

Note: A time base less than full-time can be used if needed to ensure that the base pay meets the minimum salary on the 2403 pay scale ($3986/month).

Additional employment occurring within the academic year - the maximum time base for additional employment is limited to 25% of full time – (10 hours per week or 3.75 WTU’s per semester)

Additional employment that spans over two or more pay periods during the academic year or non-academic year should all contain 22 days. Please contact HR for assistance if one of those months contain less than 22 days.

  • Brenda Smith – Multiple payments over 2 months (as required by time base and minimum salary limitations)

For faculty whose primary appointment is below full-time (15 WTU’s)
Job Code 2359

  • Mary Smith - Part-time lecturer (time base below 1.0)