Leave Programs

The Unit 3 contract provides for faculty employees to take Leaves of Absence.  The below information refers to types of leaves specifically included in the Unit 3 contract.  For information regarding other types of leaves (i.e. disability, maternity/paternity, family medical), please visit the Disability Leaves page on the Human Resource webpage.

Academic Leaves with Pay

Sabbatical Leaves

Sabbatical leaves are paid leaves "for purposes that provide a benefit to the CSU, such as research, scholarly and creative activity, instructional improvement or faculty retraining." (CBA Article 27.1) Sabbatical leaves can either be for one semester (at full pay) or academic year (at half-pay). For additional information and application information, please see the Academic Leaves with Pay webpage.

Difference in Pay (DIP) Leaves

Difference in Pay (DIP) leaves are similar to sabbatical leaves in that they are paid, but have different eligibility criteria, availability, application process and salary considerations. For additional information, please see the Academic Leaves with Pay webpage.


Other Leaves with Pay

The Unit 3 contract provides for additional Leaves with Pay, such as Bereavement, Parental, Emergency, Jury Duty, and Military Leave.  For information on these leaves, please see the Benefits Summary for Unit 3 or Article 23 of the CBA.


Leaves without Pay

 Article 22 of the CBA discusses the two types of Leaves without Pay (LWOP) available to faculty unit employees: personal and professional.  The application for either of these LWOP can be found on our Forms page.  The application is submitted to your deparmtment chair and Dean for review and approval prior to the Provost's review and approval.  Both types of leaves may be for  a full or partial reduction in time base. If the LWOP is a "partial reduction" and the reduced timebase is less than half-time, there will be implications for health and life insurance benefits.


Personal leaves are for purposes of unpaid sick leave, maternity/paternity, parental leave, outside employment, and other personal reasons.  While on a Personal LWOP (full or partial), tenured and tenure-track faculty DO NOT accrue credit toward probation, sabbatical/DIP eligibility, and SSI eligibility.  Lecturers maintain entitlement rights (per Article 22.2), but DO NOT acrue credit toward sabbatical/DIP eligibility and SSI eligibility.


Professional leaves without pay are for purposes of research, advanced study, professional development, and other purposes of benefit to the University. A description of the activities the faculty will participate in while on a professional LWOP shall be included in the application. Upon return from the professional LWOP, faculty shall submit a report to the Department Chair and Dean no later than ten (10) days after the beginning of the semester following the leave. Provided the above conditions are met, the faculty will continue to accrue credit toward probation, sabbatical/DIP eligibility, and SSI eligibility for the duration of the leave.