Academic Leaves with Pay


Sabbatical leaves are paid academic leaves for a period of one semester or one academic year. Semester sabbaticals shall receive full pay for the duration of the leave. Academic year sabbaticals shall receive half-pay (50%) for the duration of the leave.

The purpose of the sabbatical leave, as stated in the Academic Leaves With Pay policy,  is to enhance professors' teaching effectiveness, enlarge their scholarly usefulness, and strengthen the academic program. It is the professor's obligation, the policy further states, to use the leave to promote professional competence.

Eligibility and Availability

Per Article 27, "A full-time faculty unit employee shall be eligible for a sabbatical leave if s/he has served full-time for six (6) years at that campus in the preceding seven (7) year period prior to the leave and at least six (6) years after any previous sabbatical leave or difference in pay leave." 

The campus is obligated to fund only a certain percentage of sabbatical leaves each academic year.


Sabbatical/DIP Workshop - April

Applications Due - Last Friday in September

PLC Reviews Applications - December

Notifications sent to applicants - End of March

Application Information

The Professional Leave Committee (PLC) will evaluate proposals according to their likelihood of meeting the intended purposes stated above, and will, according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Unit 3 Faculty, consider questions...[of] ... quality. This will entail looking for a clear and detailed description of a particular project to be undertaken. The project should be well-defined and should conform to the four criteria listed in the Academic Leaves With Pay policy.

The PLC will sort the proposed projects into three categories, as follows:

Most Meritorious
Proposals judged to be among the best of the proposals submitted, based on features of unusual value or promise, will be recommended for approval regardless of equity. Unusual promise may be manifested in such features as the perceived value of the project to the discipline and to the University, its academic substance, the clarity with which it is defined and elaborated into practicable tasks, its timeliness, etc.

Proposals which do not offer convincing evidence of a well-defined and worthwhile project will be judged to be not acceptable.

All other proposals will be judged to be acceptable and ranked in order of accrued service.

Steps to Apply 

Before applying, make sure that your proposal is complete and formatted according to the Sabbatical Proposal Format and as follows:

  • A brief and explicit summary of the particular tasks that you plan to perform in the accomplishment of the objectives.
  • A concise statement of objectives.
  • An overview of relevant background information and a description of the project's significance to the academic field of interest.
  • A brief description of the anticipated benefits of the project.
  • The dates of your last sabbatical or difference-in-pay leave (if applicable).

To apply please submit: 

  1. An electronic copy of the sabbatical leave application (Deadline: Last Friday in September).
  2. Attach an electronic copy of your proposal.
  3. Attach an electronic copy of your previous sabbatical report or difference-in-pay leave report (if applicable). Must attach copy of approved report with signatures.

Sabbatical Workshop Resources

Sabbatical Workshop PowerPoint presentation - Spring 2018


Your Benefits While on Sabbatical or Difference in Pay

2018 Summary of Benefits and Coverage Notice

Life Services Toolkit



Difference in Pay (DIP) Leaves

Difference in Pay (DIP) leaves are paid leaves for purposes that provide a benefit to the CSU, such as research, scholarly and creative activity, instructional improvement or faculty retraining. 

Eligibility and Availability

Per Article 28, faculty are eligible for a DIP leave six (6) years after their initial hire or three (3) years after their last sabbatical or DIP leave.  While sabbaticals have a limit on the number awarded each academic year, no such restriction exists for DIP leaves. 


Deadlines for DIP applications are flexible; it is campus practice to grant DIP leaves whenever possible in the interests of faculty members, departments, and schools.

It is recommended that the Dean establish and communicate a timely set of deadlines for the required reviews to be completed at the various levels and a written recommendation to be sent forward to the President.   The CBA specifies (Art 28.6) that a rapid and expedited review for a DIP leave will be provided  if an unexpected opportunity such as external funding, a scholarship or fellowship are the basis for the leave request.

Application and Review Information

Criteria for DIP leave proposals are the same as Sabbaticals (see above).

Applicants should submit their Application Form along with the required attachments to their departmental committee. The review process is as follows (per Article 28 and the Academic Leaves With Pay policy).

  1. Department/Equivalent Administrative Unit

A Departmental Committee reviews difference in pay leave requests for quality and forwards to the President via the appropriate School Dean all DIP proposals which meet minimal quality standards. Simultaneously, the department provides a statement to the School Dean regarding the possible effect on the curriculum and the operation of the department should the employee be granted a difference in pay leave. 

  1. Dean (Appropriate Administrator)

Prior to making a recommendation to the President regarding the DIP leave request, the Dean considers the recommendations pursuant to Articles 28.7 and 28.8, other campus program needs, and campus budget implications. After considering the departmental statement and recommendation, the Dean forwards to the President an assessment of the implications to the department's program, other campus programs, and the budget, should the leave be granted, and may comment concerning the merit of the proposal as compared with the specified criteria. The Dean includes (1) the departmental statement and (2) dean's recommendation with the material forwarded to the President. The Provost should also be copied when submitting this information to the President’s Office.

  1. President/Provost

Prior to making a final determination regarding the difference in pay leave and the conditions of such an approved leave, if any, the President (or designee) considers the recommendations made by the Departmental Committee, the department, and the Dean, pursuant to provisions 28.7– 28.9 of the CBA.  The President, or designee, responds in writing to the applicant. 


Salaries for those on a DIP leave is calculated by subtracting one's academic year base salary by the minimum Instructor [Lecturer A] salary (effective 10/1/2018 that amount is $4,126).  The resulting "difference in pay" is the faculty's monthly salary for the duration of the leave.


   $6000 (Faculty's current monthly base salary)

 - $4126 (minimum rate for instructor rank)

= $1874 (monthly salary for duration of the leave)


Sabbatical / Difference-in-Pay Report

Faculty who take a Sabbatical or Difference-in-Pay leave are required to submit a leave report within one semester of their return. Failure to provide an acceptable report could result in the denial of subsequent Sabbatical or DIP leaves. Please keep a copy of your report for your next leave application.

  1. Please download and complete the Sabbatical Report or DIP Report.
  2. Forward to your chair and college dean for signature.
  3. Keep a signed copy for your records.
  4. Submit original report to the Office of Faculty Advancement.
  5. Office of Faculty Advancement will forward report to PLC for approval.
  6. Once approved, a final copy will be forwarded to you for your records.