Temporary Faculty Entitlement


 Important Reminders about Entitlement:

  • Entitlement does not mean a right to be employed and applies only once offered work.
  • If hired, appointment is still conditional (except for full-time unconditional three-year appointments).
  • Entitlement becomes operative when all conditions in Article 12.3 are met:
    1. Temporary faculty member was employed both semesters of previous academic year,
    2. Both semesters of previous academic year were in the same department,
    3. Temporary faculty member is given an appointment for "similar assignment" (i.e. same or similar courses) in same department for a third consecutive semester.
  • Per CBA Article 22.2 - Leaves of Absence Without Pay, entitlement is not accrued when replacing a temporary faculty who is out on leave.
  • Contact the Office of Faculty Advancement (8-2913) to determine how other scenarios of class coverage may impact entitlement.


For more detailed information about temporary faculty entitlement, review CBA Article 12 - Appointment.