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You'll find that California State University, Sacramento - California’s capital university - is the perfect University for your professional career. We offer: 

  • A world-class educational institution in the capital of the nation's largest state.
  • A direct connection to shaping California's next generation of leaders and influencers. 
  • One of the nation's most diverse regions - and a great place to live, raise a family, play in the outdoors, etc.
  • A first-class faculty that is growing more diverse each year. 
  • A University that is truly living its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Here's why some of the new faculty chose Sac State:

"I wanted to work at an institution where the students come first, and I believe that Sacramento State exemplified this in many aspects."

"Diverse student population and the wonderful campus."

"Commitment to student success, supporting and celebrating diversity."

"The diversity: under-represented and first generation students."

"I love that it is a California State University. The students are amazing."

California's Capital


placeholderThe University is home to dedicated faculty who, in addition to shaping the minds of the capital’s next generation of leaders, play vital roles in regional and state issues and discourse. Our faculty members are leaders in their fields and engaged members of the community, fueling discussion of the ways public policy affects the lives of the electorate while addressing issues facing the region and the state. See how current faculty are involved.


Lake NatomasSacramento - the City of Trees - is one of the most ethnically diverse and livable cities in the country, with a population of 480,000. More than 1.4 million people live in Sacramento County. The region's mild Mediterranean climate produces hot summer days and cool nighttime Delta breezes. Winters are chilly and sometimes cloaked in the Central Valley's famed tule fog. It's possible to wear shorts and enjoy outdoor activities almost year-round. There's always something to do in Sacramento. Some ideas for playing, relaxing and learning in and around Sacramento.

Diversity & Inclusion

Sacramento State is committed to educational equity and has been recognized as one of the nation’s most diverse* universities. Now, we’re on a mission to become the most inclusive university, where equity ensures equal educational opportunity and our students, faculty, staff, and administrators belong to a community that respects the dignity of all of its members and embraces differing opinions, life experiences, and world views.

Campus Beauty

At Sacramento State, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evidenced by the values embedded in our Hornet Honor Code.

At every level, students, faculty, and staff are breaking down barriers and re-examining and adapting to create a culture where every person on campus feels respected. Sacramento State is committed to the success of all members of the Hornet Family, and together, we can achieve our goals.

We are looking for individuals with these same values to join our Hornet family, and we hope that you consider us.

Office of Inclusive Excellence

*Sacramento State is the fourth most ethnically diverse regional university in the western United States. (U.S. News and World Report, 2018)

New Faculty Demographics (since Fall 2015)


Race/Ethnicity Pie Chart


Gender Pie Chart

Location of Highest Degree

State Map  - Highest DegreeRecently hired faculty have also received their highest degrees from countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom.

On Campus Resources

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Sacramento State strives to ensure that gender inclusive and/or single occupancy restrooms are available and visible to the campus community. Members of our campus have created this convenient map as a resource. 

Mother's Room/Lactation Room

In an effort to provide a welcoming environment for all members of the campus community and guests, we have provided a Mother’s Room where lactating mothers are welcome to pump or nurse. There are Mother's Room/ Lactation Rooms located throughout campus.

Reasonable Accommodation

Sacramento State provides reasonable accommodations for employees, including applicants for employment, with sensory, mental or physical disabilities.

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