Program Review

Academic programs at California State University, Sacramento are reviewed on a six-year cycle. One year prior to the program review, department faculty members initiate a self-study process. All programs are required to identify expected student learning outcomes and strategies for assessment; responses to assessment results are included in the self study. California State University, Sacramento has adopted a Faculty Senate revision of our self-study guidelines that standardizes the requirements for the assessment process and requires full compliance with the standards in order to receive full six year approval for the program review. Currently, all programs have completed an assessment plan, and they have been asked to continue to review and update their plans.

California State University, Sacramento continues to perform traditional program reviews, including the self-study process and the internal review team, along with an outside consultant, who interviews faculty, staff, the dean, and other appropriate administrators. We have found that these program reviews provide valuable information regarding the quality of instruction, the fiscal stability, the governance structure, and the interpersonal relations of the departments. Departments that undergo national accreditation review are allowed to use their accreditation self-study and visitor report to answer some or all of the questions on the self-study with the permission of Academic Affairs.