Academic Affairs        

Sacramento State, Sac Hall 230
6000 J Street 
Sacramento, CA 95819-6016 
Phone: (916) 278-6331 
Fax: (916) 278-7648


Cota, Katherine
Executive Director
Carlsen Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

German, James
Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Harris, Yvonne
Associate Vice President
Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development

Hofmann, Paul
Associate Vice President 
International Programs and Global Engagement

Kivel, Dana 
Administrative Director
Community Engagement Center

Oppy, Brian
Associate Vice President
Faculty Advancement

Newsome, Chevelle 
Dean for Graduate Studies

Perez, Steve 
Vice Provost

Salvetti, Joy 
Center for College Readiness

Tashiro, Lynn
Center for Teaching and Learning

Thayer, Angel
Director of Business Operations

Wallace, Amy
Associate Vice President
Academic Excellence

Wang, Ching-Hua
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Wickelgren, Emily 
Student Issues Coordinator

Academic Affairs Administrative Staff

Arnett, Carrie
Administrative Support Coordinator
(916) 278-6331

Barber, Leigh
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
(916) 278-7672

Ehrmantrout, Kaitlyn
Administrative Support Coordinator
(916) 278-6160

Johnson, Cheryl 
Executive Assistant
(916) 278-7463

Mine, Kathy 
Administrative Support Coordinator
(916) 278-5933

Park, Shin
Administrative Support Coordinator
(916) 278-5925

Showers, Celena
Administrative Support Coordinator
(916) 278-5344

Torset, Janett 
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
(916) 278-2793