College of Arts and Letters

The College of Arts & Letters is very proud of its 2016-2017 achievements in advancement and development. In Fall 2016, the College received more single donations and total dollars than any of the other colleges, and so far in 2017, we have received $1,785,963 in various donations in recognition of its contributions to the community and our students.

Events (The College of Arts & Letters hosts and sponsors literally hundreds of events across its 10 departments and college-wide.)

Faculty Achievements

  • Brendan Lindsay (History), Winner of the University Research Award (Early Career Faculty Recipient) for his research on Genocide of Native Americans in California
  • Between Heaven and Earth: Poems in the Classical Chinese, English, and Italian, by Barbara Carle and Curtis Smith will be published later this month by La Vita Felice, Milan, Italy
  • E. Kim published a new book, Novelas contemporáneas de América Latina desde el punto de vista de Jacques Lacan, Peter Lang Pub.
  • Marcelo Hernandez Castillo (alum and current lecturer faculty) has been awarded both national prizes listed below
  • Doug Rice
    • Here Lies Memory:  A Pittsburgh Novel, Black Scat Press
  • Kim Zarins:
  • Bradley Dowden contributed several chapters from his online textbook Logical Reasoning into the new Graduate Skills course for training Air Force officers. The introductory course on critical thinking and writing is part of the program of the United States Air Force's Air Command and Staff College’s eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education. 
  • The new Hornet Honor Code, as advertised in the new university catalog (, was drafted by a university Task Force, and Russell DiSilvestro and Kyle Swan (both from Philosophy) were (the only) faculty representatives to this Task Force:
  • “Moving from Zero: The Art Of Brenda Louie” – A monograph on the work of Brenda Louie, essays by authors: Mary-Ann Milford-Lutzker, Ph.D., Professor of Art History, Mills College in Oakland; Elaine O’Brien, Ph.D., Professor of Modern & Contemporary Art and M.L.Pattaratorn Chirapravati, Ph.D., Professor Asian Art History, both from CSU, Sacramento; Chris Daubert, M.F.A., Professor of Studio Art and Department Chair of City College in Sacramento; Shaker Laibi, Ph.D., Professor of Art History and Semiotic Images at the University of Gabes, Tunisia; and Farid Zahi, Ph. D., Art Critic of Rabat, Morocco; published by the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, P. R. China, 2017. All essays are also available in Chinese, French and Arabic languages in DVD format.
  • Peter Williams, Assistant Professor of New Media Art, will present at the University of Edinburgh’s “Arts and Digital Practices” conference in Scotland this summer. His project, “Grasping Elapsing 3.1,” is a networked, participatory, digital performance that incorporates live scanning, computational editing, web-based archiving and face-to-face discussion, producing a complex layering of situations and influences within a specific place and time.
  • The conference, “sIREN 2017: Arts and Digital Practices” will take place on May 30-31 2017. Further information can be found here: 
  • Elaine O’Brien’s paper presented at the 34th Congress of the International Committee of the History of Art (CIHA) in Beijing, "Rooted and Routed: The Worlding of Contemporary Indigenous Art," will appear in the CIHA 2016 anthology published by Peking University Press
  • Amber Ward, Assistant Professor of Art Education Co-Presented peer reviewed “Reviewer 2” and Research Wrong(ness): Conversations with Klosterman’s “But What If We’re Wrong?” at International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in Champaign-Urbana, Il. (May 2017)
  • Nigel Poor (Photography) wins Jefferson Award ( )
  • Three Communication Studies Faculty receive Outstanding awards: Michele Foss Snowden, Outstanding Teacher; Mark Williams, Outstanding Scholarly and Creative Activity; Kristen Tudor, Outstanding University Service. Dan Janos won the Outstanding Wisdom and Leadership Award.
  • Andrew Stoner’s new book: Campaign Crossroads has been published. The link can be found here: .
  • Nikos Lazaridis,
    •  “Hyperbole in demotic wisdom”, in: R. Jasnow and Gh. Widmer (eds.) Illuminating Osiris. Egyptological studies in honor of Mark Smith, Visual and Material Culture of Egypt 2, Bristol, CT: Lockwood Press (2017), pp. 215-220
    • “Different Parallels, Different Interpretations: Reading parallels between Ancient Egyptian and Greek works of literature”, in: I. Rutherford (ed.) Graeco-Egyptian Interactions Literature, Translation, and Culture, 500 BC-AD 300, Oxford: Oxford U.P. (2016), pp. 187-207
  • Shirley Ann Wilson Moore (Emerita) published Sweet Freedom's Plains: African Americans on the Overland Trails, 1841-1869 (University of Oklahoma Press, 2016).
  • Mona Siegel National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend (fall 2016)
    • “Feminism, Pacifism, and Political Violence in Europe and China in the Era of the World Wars,” Gender & History, special issue, “Gender & Global Warfare in the Twentieth Century,” 28, 3 (November 2016), 641-659.
  • Mike Vann
    • “Call Five-O a White Male Imperialist Fantasy: Steve McGarrett as a Vision of American Cold War Masculinity, Race and Empire” in Lori McGuire (ed.), Entertainment Television and the Cold War. (Cambridge Scholars), 2016.
    • “Roundtable Reflection on the Past and Future of French Urban History,” co-authored by Ellen Wurtzel, Jeff Horn, Catherine Clark, and Michael G. Vann, Proceedings of the Western Society for French History, 2016.
  • Jeffrey Wilson’s The German Forest: Nature, Identity, and the Contestation of a National Symbol, 1871-1914 (University of Toronto Press) came out in paperback.
    • “The “German Forest” as an Emblem of Germany’s Ambivalent Modernity,” in Different Germans, Many Germanies: New Transatlantic Perspectives, ed. Konrad Jarausch, Harald Wenzel, and Karin Goihl.  Oxford: Berghahn, 2016.

Student and Alumni Achievements

  • Jalil Kochai (History), recipient of Dean’s Award and Faculty Endowment Award
  • Graduate student Brian O’Donnell (Music) won a position as a commissioned officer Band Director for the US Air Force; only one position was awarded nationally this year. Other students are continuing graduate school next year at McGill University, U. Nevada Las Vegas, Duquesne University, University of South Carolina, Bowling Green State University, and more.
  • Jazz Singers – another DownBeat national award; tops at Monterey Jazz Festival; tops at Reno Jazz Festival ( )
  • Jazz Ensemble – 2nd place at Monterey Jazz Fest; 1st place at Reno Jazz Festival.
  • Ceramic graduate student Robin Brakel had her sculpture on the cover of the California Conference for Advancement of Ceramic Art(CCACA) catalog. Most prominent schools in California had exhibitions of student work as did Sac State, many faculty from other colleges spoke with me about the strength of our show. Ken Underwood of Foot Hills Ceramic Art Museum was so impressed with Robins work that he purchased the sculpture bellow for the museum.
  • Nearly twenty Sac State students attended NCECA, National Council for Education in Ceramic Art Conference held in Portland this year.
  • Alumnus Mark Emerson exhibit at the Else Gallery ('luminous'-alumn-us-works-fill-robert-else-gallery.shtml )
  • Roderick Hickman, Sidney Raey Gonzales , Elizabeth Ferreira (Theatre & Dance) awards from Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (,-heads-to-d.c.-for-finals.shtml )
  • Elizabeth Ferreira, VISTA award for Outstanding Vocal Work and a full scholarship to the National Stage Combat Intensive
  • Philosophy program graduate Danielle Vincent is on the cover of the Sacramento News and Review this week for her work organizing the Sacramento First Fest:
  • Alumna Amy Cools was accepted to a Master or Arts program in Intellectual History at the University of Edinburgh, and begins in fall 2017.
  • Alumna Brianna Nielsen was accepted to McGeorge School of Law, and begins in fall 2017. 
  • Matthew Hudgins (senior History) presented his paper, “Nationalism in the Classroom: Education, Balance, and Difficult History,” at the One World Student Symposium on Apr. 17
  • Jose Guzman (senior History) presented his paper, "Manufacturing Criminals: NAFTA's Connection to the Mexican Drug Cartels," at the McNair Scholars Research Symposium.
  • Emma Singletary (BA History 2017) has been accepted into the MA program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
  • James Volmensky (BA History 2014) admitted PhD program McGill University in History and Classical Studies.
  • Shaun Brooks (BA History 2016) admitted to McGeorge Law School.
  • Antoine Johnson & Aaron Jackson (MA History 2016) admitted UCSF PhD program.
  • Antonio Flores and Megan Franquelin (BA History 2016) admitted to our masters program.
  • Kelley Vincent (MA History2017), admitted CSUS teacher credential program.
  • Bobby Edwards (MA History 2016) started a PhD program in intellectual history at UC San Diego.

Curricular & Pedagogical Innovation

  • College of Arts & Letters Four Year Promise (
  • Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Certificate
  • 21 faculty (5 departments) participation in “Quality Matters” online curriculum and pedagogy review
  • Curriculum Redesign funding, Student-Faculty RCA funding, and Faculty RCA funding
  • Mike Vann (History) edited two teaching resources:
    • Instructors Manual, Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources. 3rd Edition. Bedford/St.Martin’s, 2016.
    • Co-Editor and Co-Author, The Norton Mix: Readings in World and Regional History, W.W. Norton, New York, 2016.

Leadership Development

  • “Best Practices” workshops for Chairs, including focus on diversity and inclusion
  • Chairs’ participation in ACE workshops
  • Master Class in Fundraising & Friend-Making for Chairs

Community Service & Engagement

  • Hosted Sacramento Arts & Business Interlude for the Arts
  • New Media Arts Installation at Golden 1 Arena (Rachel Clarke & Students, Dept. of Art)
  • String Project (performances at U-Create, Sunday Funday, and Capistrano Hall)
  • Notable Books Series at Sacramento Central Library: A series of 11 public library events featuring 7 faculty (Profs. Agosta, Bell, Cope, Gieger, Sweet, Tucker, and Dean Meyer).
  • Brenda Louie (Art) COLLABORATIVE PUBLIC ART PROJECTS: “McKinley Village Public Art Project”, SMAC, Sacramento, California, 2018
  • Faculty and Staff serve on some of the following boards: Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera Board, Blue Line Arts Board, WTA (Wellness Through the Arts) board.