University Appointment, Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee (UARTP)

Committee Info

ChairMarlyn Jones

Administrative Support: Kathy Garcia, Faculty Senate Analyst:
8-6847 /

Committee Meetings:
  1st and 3rd Monday, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Committee Membership
Agendas & Minutes


The University ARTP committee shall serve as a committee of the Faculty Senate. The committee shall:

1. Forward any recommended changes in University ARTP policy through the Faculty Senate to the President.
2. Review and recommend directly to the President department, division and college criteria, policies, and procedures applicable to the evaluation of faculty unit employees for the purpose of appointment, retention, tenure, and promotion.
3. Advise the President on the allocation of all university promotion  monies.
4. Recommend to the President the annuual ARTP calendar prior to the end of the spring semester.


The University ARTP Committee shall be composed of one student selected by the Associated Students, Inc. Board of Directors, one member elected by the Library unit, one member elected by the counseling faculty unit, and tenured faculty members elected by and from their tenured and probationary colleagues in each college. Each college shall elect one member of the University ARTP Committee for each 100 probationary and tenured faculty or fraction thereof assigned to that college as of the current year. No more than one faculty member may be elected from the same primary unit.

FTEF UARTP Representative(s)

1 - 100 One member 101 - 199 Two members 200 - 299 Three members 300 - 399 Four members 400 - 499 Five members

The President's designee shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of the University ARTP Committee.

B. 1. Nomination to serve on the University ARTP Committee shall not be limited to self-nomination. The right to nominate shall be limited to eligible voters.

2. Whenever a call for nominations to serve as an elected member of the University ARTP Committee produces no more than one nominee, the college faculty shall vote in an election called for the purpose to confirm or reject that nominee’s offer to serve.

C. Any change in the composition of the University ARTP Committee shall be subject to recommendation by a vote of the entire faculty and the approval of the President.

D. It is imperative that the members of the University ARTP Committee be persons with such concern for the quality of the University and with the function of the University in its local, regional, and national setting, that they will be able to set aside the interest they will have in some particular part of the University, so that these special interests will not intrude upon the deliberations of the University ARTP Committee.

Please refer to the University Policy manual for additional information on the UARTP Committee.