General Education Course Review Subcommittee

Committee Info

Chair: Stephanie Mizrahi

Vice Chair: Sarah Ives

Administrative Support Staff:

Celena Showers

Meetings: 2nd and 4th
Wednesdays, 3:00-4:30 pm

Committee Membership

The General Education Course Review Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the General Education Policies/Graduation Requirements Committee. 
(FS 08-07/GEP/GRPC/Ex; amends FS 98-34/GEP/GRC/Ex) 


Working groups review and recommend course proposals for inclusion in GE pattern and send recommendations to Subcommittee for approval. GEP/GRC acts as body of appeal. Working groups develop definitions and evaluation standards pertaining to area criteria and submit to Subcommittee and GEP/GRC for approval. Working groups undertake periodic reviews (every 2 years) of area and sub-area criteria, definitions, and standards as required by current University policy. Working groups undertake periodic (every 2 years) reviews of course compliance with area criteria as required by current University policy.


Voting members shall include: 14 voting members drawn from the College (two from each College, and shall be from different departments/divisions/equivalent units); 1 member elected from, or appointed by, each College’s Curriculum Committee; 1 member nominated by College  faculty and elected at-large within each College (serve three-year staggered terms).


Non-voting members shall include: 1 non-voting member appointed by/from the GEP/GRC; 1 non-voting member is the General Education administrator.



3 working groups:

1) Area A, Advanced Study, and Race and Ethnicity,
2) Areas B and D, and
3) Areas C and E  

  • Subcommittee and working groups initially convened by administrator responsible for GE.
  • Subcommittee chair elected annually by and from voting members.
  • Working group convenor elected annually by and from membership of working group.
  • Membership of working groups to be determined by the subcommittee.

rev 9/24/14