Academic Program Review Oversite Subcommittee (PROC)

Academic Program Review Oversight Committee Standing Rules

Committee Info

Committee Chair:
Jeffrey Brodd

Staff Support:

Kathy Mine
(916) 278-5933

Meetings: 4th Tuesday,
1:30 - 2:50 pm

The Academic Program Review Oversight Committee (APROC) is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Policies Committee (CPC). The Committee oversees the formal system, based on peer review, of academic program quality ensurance that supports the educational mission and goals of the university.


  1. Oversees the process of academic program reviews.
  2. Reviews academic program review team reports and recommendations for Committee approval.
  3. Oversees the process in the case of an academic program/unit receiving conditional approval.
  4. Assesses the process periodically in order to recommend changes, if necessary.
  5. Prepares and presents an annual report to the Faculty Senate.


A. Voting Members

  1. Chairs of Program Review Teams for academic units undergoing review during the current academic year, appointed from a pool of faculty members approved by the Faculty Senate.
  2. A faculty At-large Representative, appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  3. A representative from the Curriculum Policies Committee.

B. Non-Voting/Ex-Officio Members

  1. The Academic Affairs Officer responsible for Academic Program Review;*
  2. The Faculty Senate Chair; and
  3. A faculty representative from the Office of Academic Program Assessment.*

*Administrative positions are appointed by the President or designee.

Additional Ex-Officio membership may be recommended by the committee, the Executive Committee, or the President or designee.

C. Term

  1. The term of appointment for Chairs of Program Review Teams will be from the beginning of the review cycle through the end of the academic year during which the Faculty Senate approves recommendation of the Academic Program Review report.
  2. The faculty at-large representative term will be for three years, with the possibility of reappointment.
  3. The term of the non-voting/ex-officio members will be one-year.


  1. Chair
    1. The Chair shall be elected from and be among the voting members of the Committee.
    2. The term of office of the Chair shall be one year. The term shall begin at noon on the last day of the spring semester in which elected and shall end at noon on the last day of the spring semester of the following year.
    3. A faculty member may be elected to serve up to three consecutive terms of one year each as the Committee Chair. After an interval of a year following the end of the third consecutive term, the faculty member shall become eligible again for election to the Chair of the Committee.
    4. The Chair is responsible for establishing the agenda for each meeting.
  2. Vice-Chair
    1. At its first meeting of the academic year, the Committee shall elect from its voting members a Vice-Chair.
    2. The term of office of the Vice-Chair shall be one academic year. The term shall begin upon election of the Vice-Chair at the first committee meeting of the year and shall end at noon on the last day of the spring semester of the academic year.
    3. The Vice-Chair shall preside over the routine business of the Committee in the absence of the Committee Chair or should the office of the Committee Chair become vacant, until the election of a new Committee Chair.


  1. The Committee shall be a subcommittee committee of, and reporting to, the Curriculum Policies Committee.
  2. Issues addressed by the Committee may be referred to the Curriculum Policies Committee and/or the Executive Committee.
  3. Any of the Standing Policy Committees of the Faculty Senate may refer issues to the Committee either through the Curriculum Policies Committee or the Executive Committee.

Committee Meetings

  1. The Committee shall meet monthly or as needed at a designated time and place.
  2. Committee meetings shall be open, except for when the Committee is deliberating on specific program recommendations.
  3. The meeting agenda shall be distributed and supporting documentation provided to the Committee at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.
  4. Committee agendas will be published and made accessible to the campus community at least
  5. A quorum of the Committee shall be a majority of the voting members. The Committee shall not officially take action in the absence of a quorum.

Adoption of Standing Rules

  • FS 14/15-148/PROC/CPC/EX: Adopted March 19, 2015
  • FS 03-57: Adopted November 20, 2003
  • AS 96-87: Adopted November 14, 1996