Wang Family Excellence Award Subcommittee

Committee Info

Committee Chair:

Meetings: Fall semester as needed. 

Committee Membership

The Wang Family Excellence Award Subcommittee, is a subcommittee of the Faculty Policies Committee.  

The Wang Family Excellence Award was established by the Trustee Emeritus Stanley T. Wang in November 1998.  The purpose of this award is to recognize and celebrate those CSU faculty who, through extraordinary commitment and dedication, have distinguished themselves by exemplary contributions and achievements in their academic disciplines, while having a discernable effect on students.  Similarly, a staff member will be recognized for extraordinary accomplishments in appropriate areas for his or her university assignment.


A.  Set up, in consultation with the President's once at the beginning of each Fall semester, a timeline for that year's review cycle; and
B.  Issue a call for nominations for the faculty awards by the first week of October.  


Voting Members 

A.  Nine full-time tenured faculty members, one from each College and the Library and Counselor Faculty, shall be elected to serve on the subcommittee, for staggered two-year terms.