Taskforces and Work Groups

  • Family Friendly Campus Task Force (established Spring 2018)
    The Task Force will implement the Family Friendly Campus Toolkit (FFCT) self-assessment and planning processes, including reviewing the current tatus of conditions for pregnant and parenting students, and developing a plan for improvementes. The Task Force will seek a collaborative approach to increase advocacy for a family friendly Sac State community.
  • Records Retention Work Group (established Fall 2017)
    The Work Group will review current campus recoreds retention preocesses andmae recommendations for a formal records retentin committee and a structure for implementing better records retention efforts on campus.
  • Smart Planner Adoption Committee (established Spring 2018)
    The Committee provides direction and guidance to a separate working group responsible for implementing the tasks associated with managing the program, including communications trainng, maintenance, orientation, and campus-wide integration.
  • Web Stewardship Steering Committee (established Spring 2018)
    IRT and University Communications are collaborating on a campus-wide web stewardship project. The outcome of the project will be sustainable stewardship of our campus website, official unit websites, and mobile app. Web stewardship will establish standards for unit websites, identify authoritative content owners, and create expectations and processes for our content managers to support the overall direction of the website.