Diversity Awards Committee

Contact Info

Carlotta Moore
Office of Graduate Studies
(916) 278-5118


 Faculty Representatives: 7

  • Heather Thompson, Communication Sciences and Disordres (HHS)
    Term: Fall 2017 through Spring 2019
  • Su Jin Jez, Public Policy and Administratin (SSIS)
    Term: Fall 2017 through Spring 2019
  • Margarita Berta-Avila, Teaching Credentials (EDU)
    Term: Fall 2017 through Spring 2019
  • Yvette Farmer, Criminal Justice (HHS)
    Term:  Fall 2018 through Spring 2020
  • Mark Oegueda, History (A&L)
    Term:  Fall 2018 thorugh Spring 2020
  • Ravin Pan, Undergratuate Studies in Education (EDU)
    Term:  Fall 2018 through Spring 2020
  • Herman Li, Economics (SSIS)
    Term: Fall 2018 through spring 2020

Term of Service: 2 years

Committee Information:

The Committee provides oversight for three system-wide programs.

  • The Graduate Equity Fellowship Program
  • Forgivable Loan/Doctoral Incentive Program 
  • Pre-Doctoral Program

The committee also provides oversight for the campus based program: Probationary Faculty Development Grant


To develop guidelines for the programs, to coordinate the implementation of various programs, to recommend participants or proposals and evaluate the program’s effectiveness: and make recommendations for change when necessary.

The committee’s charge is to develop implementation guidelines, review and recommend participants or proposals, make recommendations for changes when necessary, and evaluate the program’s effectiveness.  Each fall the committee meets to review applications for the Probationary Faculty Development awards.  In the spring the committee meets to review the diversity programs as well as review the applications and forward recommendations for the Graduate Equity Fellowship, the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program, and the Sally Casanova Pre-doctoral Program awards.


  • 7 Faculty members recommended by the Faculty Senate
  • 1 Staff member 
  • 2 Students 
  • Associate Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies, ex-officio (Convener)
  • Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer, ex-officio 
  • Assistant Vice President, Educational Equity & Student Retention, ex-officio

The recommendations and updates of the over-sight committee are made to the President through the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.