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Financial Services Division of Administration & Business Affairs

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Accounting Services

Accounting Services is responsible for Sacramento State’s financial record keeping, ensuring that the University operates in compliance with standard accounting and regulatory practices.

The staff processes comprehensive, accurate and timely financial information for reporting and management decision making, and conducts financial transactions such as expenditure transfers, chargebacks, cost recovery and assignment of General Ledger chart strings.

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Campus Cost Recovery (CCR) charges are charges posted by on-campus service providers for services rendered. These service providers are:

  • Facilities Services (work orders)
  • Telecommunications (phone usage, equipment and installation)
  • Photocopy (paper and OneCard photocopy)
  • University Print
  • Procurement (Stockless Supply)
  • UTAPS (visitor parking)

Charges are posted at the end of each month to the appropriate departments via a speedchart.

Transfer Requests

Departments and Program Centers may submit a transfer request to correct an expense, revenue, or provide sponsorship funds to another unit in support of an event. Transfer request forms are available through the Accounting Services Forms link under Good to Know, or on the ABA Forms website. Contact Accounting Services if there isn't a request form that meets your needs.

Fund Requests

Accounting Services manages trust funds from monies designated for scholarships or other specific purposes or projects related to the University’s mission.

To request a new fund or to change or close an existing fund, please complete the appropriate fund request located under the Accounting section of the ABA Forms Page. Instructions for completing and submitting the fund request are included on the forms.

University Financial Reporting

Accounting Services prepares various reconciliations and monthly, quarterly and year-end financial reports. One of the most comprehensive is the annual GAAP report, which consists of a series of financial statements, prepared in accordance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statements.

The financial statements include the statement of net assets; the statement of revenues, expenses, and changes in net assets; and the statement of cash flows.

Review GAAP Financial Reports