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Police Officers Receive Top Honors

In the spring of 2018, ABA featured Corporal Scott Christian and Officer Matthew Light in a story for The FOCUS Newsletter.

That story outlines the heroic actions of Corporal Christian and Officer Light responding to a single vehicle collision on Folsom Blvd, where a woman was found nonresponsive. They began performing two-person CPR until paramedics could arrive, successfully resuscitating the woman.


Police officer recognition awards presentation

Their lifesaving efforts were recognized by the chancellor of the California State University, Timothy P. White. On January 23, 2019, Corporal Christian and Officer White each received a commendation medal, as well as an official letter of commendation, at a recognition ceremony held in Long Beach, CA.

An excerpt from their letter reads: "You are among that special group to be recognized for outstanding service. I want you to know that you have earned my greatest respect."