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Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight with Erik Skall

In each issue, the FOCUS Newsletter spotlights an ABA staff member whose work deserves mention. In this edition, we focus on our Manager of Grounds & Landscape Services, Erik Skall. He shares with us his thoughts about his role on campus, and how Facilities Management serves the campus community.

How long have you been with Sac State?

I started in 2006 with a few temporary assignments in the arboretum before returning as a fulltime permanent ABA employee six years ago.

Who are your primary customers?

Like all of ABA I am focused on students, faculty and staff. In addition, my staff and I have a tremendous relationship with the community who come to campus to enjoy the grounds. Our customer’s enjoyment comes in a variety of forms, including grass, shade, cleanliness, and a high expectation of safety. Not everyone knows this but we also ensure that our roads are clean as well as keeping our buildings pest free.

How would you define your role on campus?

Safety for our staff and guests is one of our primary missions. We take responsibility for most everything outside of the classrooms and buildings, including the environment that provides weekend enjoyment for dog walkers, bike riders and arboretum guests. We also have a special working relationship with our Athletics Department keeping our sports facilities in top condition, including the artificial grass surfaces.

What makes you passionate about your work/duties?

I have a passion for nature and I gravitate toward being outdoors. Not just being outdoors, I take great pleasure when I can combine group activities in an outdoor setting. I have even had an opportunity in the past to expand a middle school student garden to help educate students in an inclusive school program. Leadership, group activities, students and nature all combined makes for a satisfying work day.

In your position, what are some of the biggest challenges faced, or rewards found?

One of the greatest challenges involves accomplishing our vision with limited financial resources. I take tremendous pleasure knowing my professional staff have accomplished great things within a limited budget. The grounds crew continues to rise to the occasion and make Grounds & Landscape a tremendous asset to the campus.

How would someone contact you?

Erik Skall

Grounds Manager - Facilities Management

California State University, Sacramento

6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819-6002

(916) 278-7606 m (916) 531-9852

Customer Service 8-6242