Carlos' Story

photo of jacob

My name is Carlos Rubio and I’m a senior at Sacramento State. I’m currently majoring in biomedical sciences. Upon graduation, my hope is to attend graduate school, obtain a degree in pharmaceuticals, and become a pharmacist. I chose Sacramento State for the following reasons: centrally located; has a great biology/science program, and is a very diverse campus. Sacramento State has also helped me develop into a more punctual and self-reliant individual, and helped me learn what I wanted to do in life regarding professions. Furthermore, working in the office of Admissions and Outreach has helped me develop my skill set in public speaking, as well as bringing me out of my comfort zone.

My advice to future students is don't be afraid to go out there and try new things, especially on campus. The 4 years you are here are short, so get involved! All the opportunities are at the palms of your hands. With this in mind, join clubs and organizations, and make it an effort to meet new people.