Logan's Story

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My name is Logan Hall and I am a senior at Sacramento State pursuing my degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Upon graduation, I want to manage my own business while utilizing my marketing knowledge to promote the business. I plan on completing my final semester of college abroad and, upon my return, I plan to pursue a graduate program. Choosing Sacramento State was one of the best decisions because it has helped me grow into the person that I always wanted to become. I was fortunate to be accepted to many CSU’s, but Sacramento State stood out to me because of the environment and potential for me to pursue my goals and aspirations. Sacramento fit my calm and collective personality; everything was fast paced growing up in Los Angeles while in Sacramento things were more to my personality. Also, Sacramento State has given me the opportunity to work on campus since I was a freshman. I have worked with the Resident Hall Association and the Division of Student Affairs, which has helped both academically and professionally. I am excited for what lies ahead for me, but Sacramento State was the foundation that I needed.