How do I know if I will be offered WUE?

All admitted non-residents from any of the participating states and U.S. territories will receive an offer to participate in either March (for Fall admission) or October (for Spring admission).  No separate request or application is required.  Those eligible will receive an email with additional information and the WUE contract from the Program Coordinator.

What majors are closed to WUE participants?

We are open to all majors at this time, except for Nursing.

How long can I participate in WUE as an undergraduate?

You may participate in WUE for a maximum of five years if you are a full-time freshman, or three years if you are an upper-division transfer.

Do I need to reapply for WUE each year?

No. The WUE tuition fee rate applies if you remain in good standing and make satisfactory progress toward a degree. If you leave the University for more than two consecutive semesters, you will need to reapply for admission.

How do I find out how much WUE tuition fees will be each semester?

The WUE tuition fee rate is 150% of resident fees. For the Fall 2016 term, California resident tuition fees are $2,736.  150% equals a WUE tuition rate of $4,104 based on full-time enrollment (12 units). Additional student-mandated fees apply regardless of residency.  See the chart on the WUE page for more details.

Do WUE fees apply if I want to study abroad?

Yes. Contact the Global Education Office for more information on study abroad options.

Does WUE apply if I attend summer session at Sacramento State?


Since I don’t live in California, how do I take the English Placement Test (EPT) and/or the Elementary Level Math (ELM) exam?

Contact the Education Testing Service (ETS) at (925) 808-2142 or csuout-of-state@ets.org to have the test administered outside California.

What if I want to become a California resident for tuition purposes?

WUE participants are not permitted to request reclassification for tuition purposes.  You will be classified as a non-resident for the duration of your undergraduate degree.

If I leave Sacramento State and want to return and participate in WUE, can I still qualify for WUE?

Perhaps.  If you are eligible for admission and a non-resident from a participating state and US territory, you may be considered for WUE.

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