A message from the dean

Dean Sheree Meyer
Dean Sheree Meyer

The College of Arts & Letters shares a vision of creativity and innovation that reaches back to the earliest foundations of cultures from around the world and forward to the best that humanity is capable of imagining and creating.

The College’s innovative programs encourage students to learn by doing: to act, debate, write, dance, make music, paint, sculpt, speak another language, design real-life spaces, research, serve, and teach.  We value understanding and appreciating the local and global contexts in which the arts, literature, history, and philosophy occur, and developing empathy through imaginative and authentic experiences. 

As Dean, I share the College’s pride in our faculty, who are recognized by peers and students for their passion, talent, expertise in their disciplines, and dedication to their students. Our professors excel at teaching and curricular innovation in face-to-face or virtual classrooms, in the studio, on the stage, or in the concert hall, while also producing cutting-edge research, writing award-winning poetry and fiction, curating gallery exhibits, collaborating with K-12 educators, and engaging in many other scholarly activities and creative endeavors.

People often ask me what students who major in the arts or humanities can do with their degrees, and my answer is, “just about anything!”  Law schools and medical schools actively seek majors from the liberal arts and respect the breadth of learning and cultural sensitivity that they bring to their chosen professions. The arts not only prepare students in their particular genre or medium but also in problem solving and creativity thinking. It is no surprise, therefore, that our alumni become leaders in their communities and professions. They are teaching in our public and private schools and community colleges, working in state and local government agencies, serving in elected offices, starting new and exciting businesses, as well as performing throughout the region as actors, artists, dancers, and musicians.   

On behalf of the College of Arts and Letters, I welcome and encourage our undergraduate and graduate students who come from diverse backgrounds to contribute in their unique ways to a future of their own making.