Vision Statement

The College of Arts & Letters brings together programs in the arts and humanities.

We serve over 3,700 undergraduate majors and 550 graduate students with courses and programs run by 180 tenure-track faculty and over 200 part-time faculty.

Virtually every undergraduate in the university takes at least one General Education course through Arts and Letters, and our overall enrollment is the highest of the seven colleges, constituting over 28% of the university total.

The arts and humanities are inherently worthwhile in that they seek to elucidate the human condition and the rich variety of human expression, so they are beneficial to our students and to the community at large.Values and ideas should inform and drive social, political and economic agendas.

We seek to lead the university and the community with regard to the content, approach and experience of a university education.Learning involves inquiry, exploration and independent thinking.

We teach skills--including analytical and principled thinking, aesthetic judgment, and cultural acumen--in service of ideas, creativity and insightful discourse.


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