Faculty Committees in Arts & Letters 


The College of Arts & Letters faculty elect the following committees:

Budget & Curriculum Committee

This committee reviews and acts on all curriculum proposals (new courses, revised courses, program requirements, programs) from the constituent departments.

Secondary ARTP (appointment, retention, tenure and promotion) Committee

Because Arts & Letters is a relatively large college, we typically elect more than one secondary ARTP committee each year. The committees review all probationary faculty by studying their files and following up on the recommendations from the primary (department-level) ARTP committees; they then write recommendations that go forward to the dean and/or the provost. 
These committees follow the Arts and Letters ARTP policy and the University ARTP policy.

Outstanding Teaching/Service Awards Committee

In 1992, 2001 and 2003, the President accepted the unanimous recommendations by the Faculty Senate to establish annual awards programs to honor teaching, service to the university, and service to the community. This committee reviews nominations and selects faculty to receive college-level recognition in these programs. The teaching award recognizes teaching effectiveness over the most recent five-year period and the teacher's impact on the lives and careers of Sacramento State students. The university service award recognizes contributions through committees, special assignments, curriculum development or student advising. The community service award recognizes professionally-related work that enhances the public good, not personal income or corporate profit.