Faculty and Staff Computing Resources


There are many resources available for faculty and staff on campus, some are available from the college, and others by the university. Below is a table of resources to choose from. If you are unsure about where you can get help for your project please contact your local ITC for assistance.

Resource Center Description
ITC Contact A&L Your direct information technology consultant contact
A&L Labs A&L Information on the discipline specific labs in Arts & Letters
Wireless IRT Information on wireless access at CSUS
VPN IRT Virtual private network for accessing campus computers anywhere on the internet.
Smart Classrooms IRT Information on the projectors and internet options in the smart classrooms on campus
Hardware Recommendations A&L Recommended desktop, laptop, printer configurations for your department to order
CMS Support IRT Who to contact to get assistance with CMS
SacCT Support IRT Who to contact to get assistance with WebCT