Four-Year Promise


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The College of Arts & Letters is committed to helping students maximize their time at Sacramento State. Several designated programs in the College are now available as a “Four-Year Promise” to help students on a fast-track to graduation. Students that opt into the program follow road maps for their respective programs, guaranteeing that they fulfill the required courses in four years.

Program Benefits

  • Accelerate your degree [1]
  • Pre-enrollment in all courses each semester
  • Avoid the cost of unnecessary courses or additional semesters of study 


  • Communication Studies – General 
  • Communication Studies – Public Relations
  • History – General 
  • History – Pre-Credential
  • Interior Design 
  • Music (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Philosophy – General 
  • Philosophy – Ethics, Politics and Law 
  • Philosophy – Logic and Philosophy of Science
  • Photography 
  • Spanish 
  • Theatre

Program Requirements

  • Commit to one of the program options above
  • Commit to being available during the designated times and days (Mondays to Fridays, 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m.) [2]
  • Meet with your department advisor at least once each semester
  • Avoid repeating courses by earning good grades

Program Forms


[1] If you meet your commitments, we will commit to providing you with a schedule each semester which completes all degree requirements within four years. Some variation (e.g. required math or composition remediation) may necessitate summer semester or winter intersession to meet the four-year timeline.

[2] Your schedule will be designed for you each semester in consultation with your program advisor. Days/times of your schedule will vary by semester, but you must agree to be available within these times on these days. Certain programs (History, Interior Design, Music, and Theatre) include participation in late afternoon seminars and/or evening performances.