Harper Alumni Center - Parking

A Sacramento State parking permit is required at all times to park on campus including the Leslie and Anita Harper Alumni Center.  There are two options available for event attendees. 

Guests attending an event may pay to park on the day of the event by purchasing a daily parking permit from a permit machine located in campus parking lots, information booths, parking structures or the University Transportation and Parking Services office. Parking permits may be purchased for $6 for the day or $3 for two hours. If you are visiting the Harper Alumni Center for an appointment, a 30-minute guest parking zone is located on the north side of the Harper Alumni Center, facing the center patio.

Additionally, special arrangements may be made for parking fees to be paid in advance for large groups at a reduced cost. If you are hosting an event at the Harper Alumni Center and would like to pre-pay for your guests, please submit a Special Event Parking Request Form (PDF) to UTAPS. You may also email eventparking@csus.edu or call (916) 278-7275 for further information.

The following additional parking-related services are available for special event parking:

UTAPS can provide parking lot staffing to cordon off parking spaces, greet visitors and allow access to a parking lot with the appropriate parking permit: $27 per hour per Parking Officer, three hours minimum.  UTAPS provides information booth staffing beyond normal hours to give directions and distribute parking permits: $20 per hour per Information Service Provider, three hours minimum.  There will be a charge for the above services and signage needed.

Alumni Center Parking