Michael Kuhlmann '69 (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

Michael Kuhlmann is the founder and president of Residential Control Systems, Inc. and RCS Technology. Since founding the company in 1993 he has created more than 100 automation and control products for energy management and HVAC systems, and he has emerged as a leader in developing energy efficient solutions. In 2012, Kuhlmann won both the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance/CleanStart Innovator of the Year award and SMUD’s Capstone Award for Powering Innovation. Read more»


Javed Siddiqui '70, MS '73 (Civil Engineering)

Javed Siddiqui’s work reflects his personality—efficient, hard-working and modest. Though it’s not often in the spotlight, Siddiqui’s craftsmanship can be found throughout Sacramento and all over the Sac State campus. Since starting JTS Engineering Consultants in 1977, Siddiqui and his employees have worked on hundreds of roads, water lines, sewer lines, drainage systems and parking lots—the infrastructure that many take for granted. Read more»


Paul Lau '84 (Electrical Power Engineering)

To use a recycling metaphor, they’re coming full circle. Sac State alumni are returning to the campus where they earned degrees that led to careers in environmental services, clean energy and sustainability to work on projects or provide services to help the campus do more of the same. Read more»

Scott Maxwell '85 (Construction Management)

Former Sac State Alumni Association president Scott Maxwell was awarded the President’s Medal for Distinguished Service at spring commencement ceremonies in May of 2010. “This award recognizes outstanding service to our University, and as we celebrate Destination 2010, it is fitting that we honor these individuals,” says Sac State President Alexander Gonzalez. Read more»

Debbie Ferguson '88 (Computer Science)

The next time you check the Facebook page of your favorite celebrity, whether it’s Taylor Lautner or Betty White, a Sacramento State alumna will be working hard to make sure you get the information you’re looking for. Debbie Ferguson is the engineering manager for all of Facebook’s “pages,” the sites that belong to celebrities, national companies or local businesses – in short, anything that has a public persona. Read more»

Andrei Tokmakoff ’89 (Chemistry)

Water is known as an essential property for living. Andrei Tokmakoff ’89 (Chemistry) sees it as much more. Read more»


Kraig Clark ’91 (Accountancy)

When it comes to creating successful high-tech companies, Kraig Clark ’91 (Accountancy) has the Midas touch. Read more»

Charles Baker ’92 (Geography), Aerospace Engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

When it comes to professional goals, those of Charles Baker ’92 (Geography) are literally out of this world. Baker is an aerospace engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, where his work has made international headlines. Read more»

Felipe Ortega, MBA '95

Occupation: R&D Operations Manager, Hewlett-Packard Networking, where he oversees software testing for HP’s wire-to-wireless networking, and wire to wireless networking First Job: Delivering newspapers Read more»

Kit Miyamoto, MS '97 (Civil Engineering)

Kit Miyamoto, CEO of Miyamoto International, is an internationally recognized expert in earthquake damage and mitigation. As a licensed structural engineer, he has completed 12,000 projects worldwide including work in Japan, Haiti and Turkey following earthquakes. In February 2012, Gov. Brown appointed him to the Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission. Read more»

William Lee, MBA '99 (Business Administration)

At the 2011 World AIDS Day, President Obama spoke of the “The Beginning of the End” of AIDS. And while he wasn’t mentioned by name, William Lee can be considered an agent of change to that end. Read more»

Mark Otero '99 (Computer Science)

Mark Otero is the CEO and co-founder of KlickNation, a booming video game company headquartered in Sacramento. Since 2008, he has grown his company into a multi-million dollar operation. He is now a sought after expert in the field of social applications, virtual goods and free-to-play games. Read more»


Heidi Poppelreiter (Astronomy)

Heidi Poppelreiter is a driving force behind the International Space Station. Literally. As a NASA flight controller, the one-time Sac State physics student is part of a team that operates the station from the ground in Houston. Poppelreiter’s job is specific: helping various international vehicles rendezvous safely with the space station. Read more»

Robert Meza '08 (Computer Science)

Want to know if a traffic accident is going to disrupt your trip home from work? Looking for the nearest state park to pitch your tent, once you’ve discovered the park you wanted was full? Interested in finding a bank-owned property in your community? Robert Meza has an app for that. And that. And that. Read more»


Sasha Asghari '12 (Physics)

Physics major Alexandra “Sasha” Asghari made quite a name for herself at Sacramento State, graduating with honors in 2012 and spending a summer working on the CERN super collider in Geneva. Currently at UC Berkeley pursuing a doctorate in nuclear engineering, she recently returned to the Sacramento campus to become part of the ever-growing “Made at Sac State” roster. Read more»

Alyssa Zayas '14 (Construction Management)

She remembers the times she and her younger brother, Kyle, woke up at 3 a.m. to go with their dad to pick up backhoes for Zayas Excavating, the family business. The kids usually spent the day in the front office with their grandmother, Sharon Zayas. Read more»