Margi Herzog '68 (Nursing)

John and Margi Herzog founded Herzog Surgical and contribute generously to the community including Sac State's School of Nursing. John serves on the advisory board of People Reaching Out, guiding youth away from drugs and violence. Margi received the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts Long-Term Meritorious Service Award. Read more»


Helena Fitch-Snyder '73 (Social Science)

Helena Fitch-Snyder earned her degree in Social Science from Sac State in 1973 and since then has organized and conducted field projects around the world, and has made groundbreaking discoveries about the cheetah, the Chinese golden monkey, the lion-tailed macaque and the loris. Helena is an internationally recognized behavioral biology researcher with accomplishments in the conservation, management, and reproduction of endangered species. Read more»

Deborah Ross-Swain ’73, MS ’75 (Speech Pathology and Audiology)

Ask Deborah Ross-Swain ’73, MS ’75 (Speech Pathology and Audiology) to sum up her 30-year career as founder of The Swain Center for Listening, Communicating and Learning and she’ll tell you that she gives families hope. And for thousands of children and adults with communication, learning or processing disorders, Swain is a beacon of light in a dark and confusing world. Read more»


Garry Maisel '80 (Business Administration-Finance)

Garry Maisel is president and CEO of Western Health Advantage. He leads more than 100 employees at the company, which aims to improve healthcare access and affordability and develops programs to expand coverage to the uninsured. Maisel is active in numerous non-profit organizations in the region, including the Crocker Art Museum, Valley Vision, B Street Theatre, the Mercy Foundation, the Non-Profit Resource Center, WEAVE and the For Art’s Sake Initiative. Read more»

Jan Nolta '84 (Biology)

Jan Nolta was on track to become a doctor or veterinarian until Sac State biology professor Laurel Heffernan made a simple observation. “She said, ‘You seem to like it so much in the lab. You know you could be a scientist and get paid for it.’ I was floored!” she laughs. Read more»

Ann Albright, MS '87 (Physical Education)

Ann Albright—a dietitian, exercise physiologist, researcher, professor and a state health administrator—has dedicated her life to battling diabetes. And she took that fight to the nation’s capital. Read more»


Quoc Vo '95 (Biological Sciences)

Quoc Vo travels light. Whether he’s in a third-world village, lacking sophisticated medical equipment, or at New York’s ground zero after 9/11, between his head and his hands Vo ’95 (Biological Sciences) feels he has all the tools he needs to treat a multitude of medical ailments. Read more»


Cate Dyer '05 (Sociology)

Cate Dyer enrolled at Sacramento State in Fall 2001, intending to earn a baccalaureate degree and then go to medical school and become an emergency room surgeon. But Sac State turned out to be a happy detour on the way to finding her true calling. She is now the CEO of StemExpress, the groundbreaking, multimillion-dollar biotechnology company she founded in May 2010, when she was 31. Read more»

Keri Thomas, MPPA '06 (Public Policy & Administration)

As a leader at one of the largest health care providers in Sacramento, Keri Thomas, is concerned about more than just physical health. The community’s well-being is at the forefront for Thomas, regional director of community and government relations for Sutter Health. Read more»


Tracy Audisio '10 (Biological Sciences)

Sacramento State graduate Tracy Audisio is a budding arachnologist and co-author of the description of the new spider family Trogloraptoridae, which was featured by CNN, BBC Today, The New York Times, "PBS News Hour," Popular Science and Scientific American, among many other national and international media. The article became the most successful ZooKeys paper in the history of that journal, with more than 15,000 views in less than 24 hours. Read more»