Kraig Clark ’91 (Accountancy)

When it comes to creating successful high-tech companies, Kraig Clark ’91 (Accountancy) has the Midas touch.

In 1997, Clark and fellow Sac State alumnus Steve Schroeder ’93 (Business Administration) teamed up to create CoreLogic, a data analytics firm for the mortgage banking industry. The duo built a dynamic company that created hundreds of regional jobs, generated millions in annual revenue and resulted in a profitable merger after just 10 years.

Clark then harnessed his business acumen and passion for the environment to found two more companies, JLM Energy, an energy technology firm, and eScreen Logic, an environmental consulting firm.

“I get into industries that I think are fun and where we can change the game a little bit,” says the Distinguished Service Award recipient. “I like to partner with brilliant people with the same mindset and build companies from the ground up to see if we can scale them to be significant. That’s part of the fun of being an entrepreneur.”

Clark considers Rocklin-based JLM Energy the wave of the future. Co-founded with his partner, Farid Dibachi, their team of engineers and designers research and develop innovative products that reduce energy use and save money for commercial and residential customers. Smart thermostats, whole-house monitoring systems and controllers act as the foundation of JLM’s Smart Energy Ecosystem and provide consumers with the ability to manage electricity on a specified budget.

“We are really excited about our components that integrate solar, energy storage and smart energy monitoring,” explains Clark. “Our newest product is part of a new category called MicroStorage. It pairs a slim battery pack with a single solar panel forming a solar-plus-energy storage system,” explains Clark. “This virtually eliminates installation costs and is a complete game changer for the industry and for many people who want to harness their own energy and power.”

Clark also feels good that his company, eScreen Logic, has a positive impact on the environment. “We help identify real estate properties that have potential environmental issues and advise on the best way to clean up the sites if necessary. It’s a much different company than JLM, but also very rewarding.”

Clark appreciates the education he received at Sac State and still finds inspiration in many of his classes. “I really enjoyed my experience at Sac State, including having access to the incredibly bright faculty members during their office hours. I also remember taking an entrepreneurship class that was very good and impactful.”

In fact, Clark recently participated in an entrepreneurship guest panel for the fall issue of Sac State Magazine where he shared his thoughts on innovation and persistence. Clark credits his professors for the skills, work ethic and tenacity he applies to all of his endeavors.

“Part of my goal was always to start my own business and blaze my own trail, and Sac State helped me accomplish that.”

This article was originally published in the Summer 2017 edition of Sac State Magazine.