Ken Macias '79, MS '90 (Business Administration-Accountancy)

Macias happy to assist in Sac State's growth

Ken Macias has a good perspective on the Sac State campus, having earned degrees in two different decades and served as an active alum ever since. As a member of President Alexander Gonzalez’ advisory committee he’s helped the campus make major strides over the past decade. As a donor, Macias played in integral role in establishing one of the most impressive landmarks on campus: the Broad Fieldhouse.

Macias donated to the Broad Fieldhouse project because he would like to see the Hornets have the ability to compete at a high level and be a point of pride in the region and beyond.

“It goes deep,” Macias says of the Fieldhouse’s impact. “Our sports teams need proper facilities to compete in Division I sports and when they are doing that, it ultimately enhances the vitality of the University.”

Macias, one of the founders of Macias Gini & O’Connell LLP, has seen the evolution of Sac State from a traditional commuter school with sometimes less-than-inviting facilities to a vibrant, active campus with many attractions for students and visitors. He is part of President Gonzalez’s advisory committee and he’s seen the vision for the school begin to bear fruit.

“We want to bring Sac State more prominence in the community and through the CSU system and improve the campus as a destination,” Macias says. “I think now there is much more of a community life on campus. When I was there we had the Union and there were a couple of pool tables and that was about it. The changes on campus have been dramatic and have enhanced the learning environment.”

This article was originally published in the 2013 edition of Sac State Magazine.

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