Tina Macuha ’85 (Communication Studies & Geography)

Mornings with Macuha

It’s 5 a.m. You’ve just stumbled out of bed, turned on the television, and here are all these perky people doing crazy stunts, live interviews with off-beat subjects, throwing things at one another, and generally having a terrific time.

Is it as much fun to work at CW Channel 31’s “Good Day Sacramento” as it is to watch?

“We have so many laughs,” says Tina Macuha.

Courtney Dempsey ’97 (Communication Studies) says management allows them to have real on-air relationships with one another, which gets the viewers involved with the “Good Day” family. “And that’s why they feel like they’ve known us for so long.”

The on-air camaraderie extends behind the scenes as well.

“That is a show in itself,” Macuha says. “We have so much fun during the commercial breaks.”

Macuha is a Sacramento native who dabbled with a handful of majors at Sac State before trying communication.

“And it fit,” she says. “Everything fit. Everything fell into line.”

Even then, she was preparing for the “Good Day” style of television. One of her professors was startled to walk into class one day to find the students all dancing while Macuha stood on the counter, lip-synching Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

If there’s any drawback to working on “Good Day Sacramento”, it’s getting up at 3 a.m. But Macuha says there seems to be a computer chip inside you that puts your mouth on autopilot.

“And the chip says, ‘Be perky, be upbeat, talk. Turn it on.’”

This article was originally published in the Spring 2008 edition of Sac State Magazine.

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