Brandon '05 (Government) & Rosilynn '06 (Criminal Justice) Kline

Couple gives back to campus

Brandon and Rosilyn Kline
The capital city was more than just the perfect grooming ground for a young Brandon Kline. At Sacramento State, he was involved in countless activities and racked up a number of impressive accomplishments.

But they all take a backseat to Kline’s most memorable encounter as a Hornet. “Rosilynn and I met at Sac State,” Brandon says of his wife, whom he met in a math class in 2001.

The Klines are ever grateful for their chance meeting, and for all the other valuable experiences they had at Sac State, which is why they’ve made it a priority to give to their alma mater.

They are a part of the President’s Circle and their gift will be used to support the University in areas where it is needed most, expanding opportunities for students, enhancing the quality of education and building upon the accomplishments of the faculty on campus.

Brandon was a whirlwind of activity during his time at Sac State. An internship with the California Energy Commission sparked his interest in the environmental field and he is now studying environmental law at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Ore. Brandon then interned under Bill Houck of the California Business Roundtable. He capped his undergraduate experience by participating in the prestigious Capitol Fellows program.

Brandon said he was eager to delve into the world of public policy after growing up in the relatively isolated community of San Luis Obispo.

“I had the instincts (for public policy), but I was from a small town where those opportunities weren’t readily available,” he says. “It was natural for me to want to go to Sacramento State. The one recurring theme of my education was the cooperation between Sac State and so many outside organizations in the region and I think that’s something that you don’t find at other schools.”

Brandon and Rosilynn were both very involved in their respective Greek organizations—she in Delta Gamma and he in Sigma Chi. Brandon also found time to compete with the rowing club.

Rosilynn is making a career of public service as well, working as a juvenile hall counselor. Before enrolling in law school Brandon worked in institutional advocacy communications at the University of California Office of the President.

Only a few years out of Sacramento State, the Klines defy the demographic of a typical President’s Circle donor, but as a young couple they feel compelled to contribute to a school that had a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

“We just think it’s important,” Rosilynn says. “We set up our budget and we always want to give back so we make it a priority and everything falls into place after that. We’ve always felt like the more you give, the more you get.”

Learn more about the President's Circle or make an online gift to the University.

Published in the January 2013 edition of Sac State Connection.