Faith Alchorn '87 (Home Economics) & Terry '86 (Communication Studies), MS '88 (Recreation & Leisure) Selk

A couple for the 'Places'

Faith & Terry Selk

Of course Terry Selk proposed to his Sacramento State sweetheart Faith Alchorn-Selk in an airport.

Since that proposal more than 23 years ago in Las Vegas, the pair has traveled to more than 30 destinations around the world as a function of Terry’s long career promoting travel to Sacramento and California. He is currently the executive director of the Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau after five years as the director of tourism for the Sacramento Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

“It’s given us tremendous opportunity to make friends around the world and to travel,” says Faith. “If he was going on a trip that was business for him and it worked with my schedule, I would pick up and go.”

The globetrotting has included Asia, Europe and Latin America, where Terry attended conferences, built relationships and promoted travel to California.

Travel plays into Faith’s career as well. Her emphasis in college was textiles, clothing and merchandising. She currently works as a travel professional at Ships and Trips Travel and at FoCust Customer Service Consultancy and has enjoyed comparing foreign marketplaces—particularly South Korea and Europe—to her own.

The Selks credit their adventurous life to a random decision by Terry to take a recreation elective at Sac State. That class has led to a 25-year career in the tourism industry. “I think what intrigued me about the class was that even though we all recreate everyday, we never picture ourselves in it as a career,” he says.

So inspired, Terry went on to complete one of the first master’s degrees in commercial recreation and leisure at Sac State while interning for the California Office of Tourism. After graduation, he continued at the California Office of Tourism for 18 years before heading his own tourism company TASMARK Enterprises.

“Sac State holds a special place in our hearts,” Faith says, of the place where she and her husband met when they both lived in the residence halls. “Sac State played a huge role in our lives, personally, professionally and socially.”

Terry put his degree to work spotlighting the rest of what Sacramento has to offer, developing group and leisure travel opportunities in the Sacramento area. He says the city’s established luxury and boutique-style hotels, like the Citizen Hotel and Le Rivage Hotel, are helping to increase the number of visitors. And the area’s wine industry and “farm-to-fork” culinary themes are growing in popularity.

But he admits his two favorite locales remain the Delta King and the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. ”He does know all of the cool places in town,” says Faith.

This article was originally published in the Fall 2011 edition of Sac State Magazine.