John Zeltin '64 (Psychology)

Zeltin passes on value of education

John Zeltin

John Zeltin is the manager of event marketing for the Innovative Payments Solutions business unit at American Express, leading the global event planning, exhibition and sponsorship activities for the team.

Zeltin was inspired to create a scholarship when he found two of his college pals—Bob MacIntonsh ’61 (Accountancy) and Bud Travers ’64 (Economics)—had done so.

He established the Eleanor and John Zeltin Scholarship in honor of his parents.

“One of the things they valued most was education,” John says. “And they passed that on to my sister and me.”

Because his employer, American Express, is one of more than 40 companies that take part in Sacramento State’s matching gift program, Zeltin’s initial $5,000 gift to the University doubled, resulting in a $10,000 scholarship.

Although both of Zeltin’s parents went to college, the scholarship will benefit first-in-family students.

“I wanted to give it to students who need help, who didn’t come with a lot of financial support, but are willing to work hard and get an education to better themselves personally and financially.”

Zeltin says he wanted a way to repay the help he had received while pursuing his own education.

“I had a lot of advantages along the way—all of us did. I fortunately have the resources and am able to give back.”

This article was originally published in the 2009-10 Honor Roll of Giving.