Alumni Mentors

Alumni mentors participate at Student Alumni Association (SAA) events throughout the year. The time commitment is minimal and consists of attending at least two SAA events per school year.

Your involvement at these events may vary from socializing with a few students of a similar major to sitting on a career panel. You don’t have to be an expert in your field; alumni of all majors and grad years are welcome and encouraged to participate.

If you're interested in becoming an Alumni Mentor please send an email to Please include your class year, degree information and a few sentences about your professional experience.

You will be contacted with specific opportunities for participation.

Alumni Mentors

Dinner with 12 Hornets

Dinner with 12 Hornets is a program that invites twelve students to meet Sac State alumni in a small, intimate setting at their home or a local restaurant. These informal dinners will provide students and alumni the opportunity to converse, network, and build relationships while enjoying a delicious meal.

Dinner with 12 Hornets

Host a Dinner
If you are an alum interested in hosting a dinner, there are just a few simple steps to organize your event.  

  1. Choose your dinner theme based on your major or professional experience. (For example: Entrepreneurs, Nutrition, Accountancy, Physical Therapy, Criminal Justice) 
  2. Work with the Alumni Association to choose a date, time and location.  Please provide at least 30 days notice and weekdays are preferred.  The Association staff does the work of identifying 12 students with interests matching your career field.  The Association staff also works with the students to arrange carpools or provide transportation.
  3. Provide a meal for 12 students. If you are hosting the event at your home, the menu could be as simple as sandwiches and potato salad in the back yard.
  4. Enjoy a meal with your new student friends, answer their professional questions and share your personal experiences.

If you are interested in hosting a dinner, please click here to register.  The Alumni Association will contact you to confirm a date, time and location. For more information, please look at our Frequently Asked Questions below.  

Dinner with 12 Hornets - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dinner with 12 Hornets?

Dinner with 12 Hornets is a Student Alumni Association (SAA) program based on a simple idea: bringing students and alumni together to converse, network and build relationships while enjoying a meal.

Dinners may vary from backyard barbeques to catered affairs. As a host, you'll provide the food and location, and we'll make sure the students arrive hungry for food and guidance!

How does the program benefit students?

Apart from being fun, the program prepares students for life after college.
From receiving professional advice to practicing networking skills, the students are given the opportunity to gain real-world experience outside of the classroom.

The dinners also helps students get to know their extended Hornet family, and to see how they can stay involved and connected with Sacramento State after they graduate.

How do I benefit from this program?

The program is designed to be as rewarding for the alumni hosts as it is for the students. As a participant, you will help to bring together and, subsequently, bridge the gap between current Sacramento State students and alumni. This is the perfect opportunity to share your experiences will fellow members of the Sacramento State community.

How will the Alumni Association help me with this event?

The Alumni Associaiton will provide a list of low cost location options for hosting a Dinner with 12 Hornets in the Sacramento region.  Or if you chose to host the dinner in your home, we can suggest some simple meal options.  In both cases, the Alumni Association has funds available to subsidize the cost of the meal up to $50 per event.  If you choose this option, we kindly ask that you save all receipts and submit them post event. All personal expenses may be recorded as a tax-deductable donation to the University.

What do I need to do to participate?

It is simple and fun to host an event! First, work with the Alumni Association to pick a date! We require at least 30 days advanced notice and weekdays are preferred.  Second, identify your dinner theme/topic.  The Alumni Association will market the event and will contact you three days before your dinner to let you know how many guests to expect.  Home addresses will be kept private and only released to confirmed guests.  Finally, enjoy your dinner.      

How can I sign up to be a host?

Please click here to register online.  If you have any questions or you would like more information, please email with your name, class year, degree information and a brief description of your professional work experience.  Multiple individuals are welcome to pool resources towards hosting a dinner.