October 24, 2011

Staff from the ACF participated in Food Day held in the Union at Calfornia State University, Sacramento on October 24, 2011. The event was sponsored by the Center of Science for the Public Interest. Posters that took an anthropological approach to food were prepared for the event by ACF staff as well as by students of the Department of Anthropology

Falke, MarikoFood Day

2011 Sushi: An Anthropological Review of a Nutritious Meal that Now Spans the World

Fisher, Jacob, Ph.D.

2011  Butchering and Cooking Jackrabbits at Antelope Cave, Arizona

Goshen, Shannon; Emilie Zelazo

2011  Past Sustainability; An Examination of Prehistoric Diet in the Sacramento Valley

Nelson, Wendy, Ph.D.

2011 Diet and Nutrition in the Past: Human Coprolites from Fish Slough Cave