Sacramento Anthropological Society


The Sacramento Anthropological Society (SAS) promotes both academic and social exchange between students, faculty, and alumni. Membership is open to all anthropology students, faculty and alumni. SAS's primary goal is to provide an organizational framework under which individuals can pursue a wide variety of locally sponsored anthropological activities.

SAS provides sponsorship for: local anthropological conferences, guest lecturers, student and faculty meet and greet socials, research projects, publishing, and the occasional field trips. Ongoing and open meetings throughout the school year provide a ready mechanism for joining in these activities. If your interests lay in any one of the four fields of anthropology and you are looking for a place to participate, we welcome your participation.

SAS is governed each academic year by a group of elected student officials with Anthropology faculty advisors.


Fall 2018- Spring 2019 SAS Officers:

President    Vice President      Secretary  Treasurer  Social Media Coordinator
Katelyn Graff  Chris Sapolu Nicole Grottkau  Sean Savage  Korleigh Tendenfeldt


The current SAS constitution can be found here.


Interested in becoming a member?

The membership form can be found here and can be submitted by email or in person at the next meeting. Contact for more Information.

Feel free to join the SAS facebook group ( ) for online discussion and notification about upcoming events.