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Donors to the Research and Teaching Collections

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2000 - present

Kristina Casper-Denman

Florence Geries

Namat Hosseinion

Andy Mantell

Edmund White

Megan Wilkinson



Paul Alves-Taylor

Cynthia Arnot-White

Wayne Arrington and Keith O'Toole

Dr. Marty Britton

Daniel J. Crowley

Dr. Willis Gortner

Warren and Nancy Hardaker

Julia Q. Hathaway

Leslie Koenitzer

Eunice Love

Polly and J.D. Pope

Alixis Robles

Peter Talbot



Archaeological Society of Southern California

Richard E. Barthelemy and Heidi Barthelemy

Calaveras County Museum and Archives

Joanne Hammer

Tom Harvey

Ronald W. Henderson

Mrs. Meredith Jones

Dr. & Mrs. Tom and Anita Kando

Rosemary Long

J.C. McClure

Sacramento Science Center

Lynn Wilcox

Alfred Wagner, M.D.



William Beeson

California State Library

Clifford Curtice

Greg Demes

T. Kreps and T. Voorhies

Robin M. Oakden Family

Richard Reeve, Ph.D.

Sacramento State Foundation

Theresa Varney

Maria Zallio Brugge



Richard Avery

M.A. Brittan

G.F. Beardsley

Dr. & Mrs. Norman W. Cotton

Edna Draden

Kennon Hudnall

Mary E. Hultin

Eddie Laine

Beverly Pearis

Gloria Remme

Edward T. Rooney

Rev. Edward Wright



Philip Geary

Jean Hawley

Warren Marshall

R.P. McCary

Norman L. Wilson


Giving to the Museum

One way that you can make a difference is through your financial support of the Anthropology Museum. You may contribute to one of our dedicated endowment accounts, helping us to preserve the Museum's collections and to enhance the quality of our exhibitions, or you may contribute directly to the Anthropology Museum and Department. If you would like to learn more about how you can make a difference with a gift to the Anthropology Museum, please contact the Museum Director.


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